Has anyone here ever experimented on making their dicks longer?

Has anyone here ever experimented on making their dicks longer?

I have a 6 inch girthy dick (use magnums, never measured my girth)
But I would want to make my dick a inch or 2 longer.

Come on we all want to have bigger dicks. No matter what size we have.

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My name Ling Ling Fuk Tit

You gotta blow 20 guys with bigger cocks then you and you should get an extra inch

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>INB4 damaged capillaries

If you’re fat try losing weight first

Glad you tested that theory out. But I’m looking for something more convenient.

Doesn't do much, It might add girth and stronger boners. Only noticed half an inch after using it on and off for 2 years.

apart from expensive surgery, you'll never make your dick longer

get good at eating bussy instead

These things don’t work worth of shit. They inflate it temporarily and are gonna hurt like a motherfucker once you reach a certain pressure. The results you get are only good for one session

Finally some actual contribution.
I’ve noticed cock rings make me a bit bigger too. But not really a fan of having something squeezing the base of my dick.

My name Ling Ling Fuk Tit

Then you're not gonna like the cock pump because thats where it goes and it pumps the shit out of you.
It's not gonna give you much more length, just swell more. Not much you can do to make it bigger, just enjoy what you got dude.

I have a gf user. She’s satisfied with me eating her pussy and she loves my dick. Honestly I’ve never had a complained from her or any of my exes. This is more for my insecurities than anything really.

Iv tried a pump but still goes small again

Thanks for not being a faggot user. And I guess there’s really nothing that can be done. I know there’s surgery but even then. That adds a half inch or an inch at the most.

LOL, do you think Magnums are going to make your dick grow bigger? Standard condoms cover most of mine, and I'm 8.5

No but I have a girthy dick. And I can’t roll regular Trojans past the head of my dick. Magnums aren’t for length dipshit. Their for girth. Same with magnums XL they’re for even thicker dicks.

That's if surgery actually works well and there is no complications. All for an inch at very best? Not worth it. If you pump you'll want to get one of those water pump types. Then you'll have to pump religiously to actually get long lasting results. Short term you get some extra swelling until you lose the erection.

My wife loves big cock but she accepts me small

I have an 8" dick. Its pretty neat. Women fall in love with big cock on sight, I'm serious. Doesn't matter what you look like at that point, once they see that long meat shaft they're hooked.

Speaking from experience?

fuck no. I've done some research though. I saw a lot of people say they lost some feeling and that overall they weren't happy with it. I was younger and depressed and thought a bigger cock would make me happy. Then I started working out and got a girlfriend and things are good.

IThread is gay, but the gets are just as gay

Thats so true i told my wife wat if i put mine next to a big one wich would she chose lol she said def big not ifen med

Well fuck that. I rather keep my dick the way it is. Any method out there is temporary or has some sort of draw back. Like I mentioned. I have a gf, she’s admitted I’m the biggest she had. She had someone longer but mentioned they had a needle dick and it was more of a painful jabbing instead of a good fuck. And my ex’s haven’t complained either. It was more for my insecurity. But I guess it’s fine the way it is. And shouldn’t care, gf loves it. Alright then I’m done with this insecurity. Thanks user

gonna put this out there, jacking off. It helps develop circulation which'll help a lot more than just pumping air. light exercise and proper dieting doesn't hurt either. i grew around 2 inches from doing those 2 things.