If you ever pirate anything you are literally a criminal and should go to prison

If you ever pirate anything you are literally a criminal and should go to prison

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Im not fucking paying sony $700 for a god damned video editing program

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you're using pirate bay's logo without permission.

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Not even giving a shit about the law. What is wrong about it OP? Why do you feel like this is what’s right? What fucking pedestal are you on?

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This is really lazy bait. You should feel ashamed of yourself.

It's not illegal to seed. It's all my own material.

you wouldn't download a car

Did you ask The Pirate Bay for their express permission to use their brand here?
No? Go to jail.

Thank you for your opinion.

>If you ever watched anything at a friends you didn't pay for you are literally a criminal and should go to prison.

So every crime should also carry a prison sentence? Or are you postulating on both the ethics of piracy and judging its appropriate punishment here?

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>Thinking you can steal ones and zeros

its only illegal if you get caught.

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i pirated movie and game then sells it to my classmate. so the fuck what?

Here (you) go. I hope you get all the validation you need to night buddy.


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Op did you know that many people who have pirated movies have then gone on to buy those movies, in fact some years ago when pirate Bay took a huge hit the movie industry also took a hit

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With 3d printing you'll be able to soon enough.

Sry im in switzerland. Im allowed to download everything except some forbidden forms of pornography

Genuine question here I thought you were more likely to get in trouble for seeding than downloading is that not true?

Even better you can design your own parts

t. Massive corporations

Corporate use of the word "piracy" to describe filesharing is ridiculous hyperbole, and is used only because
"filesharing" doesn't sound bad enough to justify the harsh punishment brought against it.

"Piracy is basically armed robbery at sea, with a degree of violence."
– Kenneth M.Manusama

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Theft mandates that entity A loses control/possession of a some THING.

“Piracy” as they describe it and claim, does not meet the legal definition of theft as the original owner retains a copy/possession of the ‘thing’ in question.

Best Korea or second best Korea?

People that are using p2p torrent file sharing are both uploading and downloading.

나 너무 흥분

the theft involved is a loss of a sale in intellectual property.
if the experience of a videogame is free, the producer makes no money from it.
pirating software tools prevents the designer from making money off of your use of their programming.

either make a video editor yourself or fuck off.


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>the theft involved is a loss of a sale in intellectual property.

so if I download a movie a million times that company lost a million sales?

How do you explain libraries then? All those authors, their intellectual property given away for free

no, just one. as I said, it's the mental experience of the movie that is licensed to you.

they can't prove they would make a sale to a person who decides to instead pirate it. The person downloading could choose another program, etc or choose not to use such a thing at all. They simply cannot prove a loss of a sale.

By the same token, trying on an outfit in a shop and taking pics for the 'gram then not buying would amount to theft. Returning any merchandise on deciding you don't want it after all would be theft.

I'm pretty sure the test is not solvable, the real question is if you can prove it using graph theory

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What if i was never gonna buy it to begin with?
What did they lose then? They have lost nothing and I have gained the experience.

There are movies/games that I would never play if I had to pay for them so they're not making a sale anyway. I have no intention of going to see the latest joker movie but if the producers/owners said I could view it for free then I'd probably do so. Either way they're not getting any money from me.

libraries have the appropriate licensing to distribute IP to its consumers, funded by the local government it resides in.

false equivalence. an article of clothing is not a digital item to be experienced.
doing just that allows you to temporarily experience the clothing personally, up until you buy it permanently, as per the store's policy.

thank you for completely ignoring what i've said.
these companies never gave you a license to view those movies.

What about very old media that no longer exists in a physical form?

You wouldn't download a house. Or wipe the kikes from the face of the planet.

there are movies and games that I only bought bc I pirated them first
there are also many games that I regularly play bc I pirated them but are not available for purchase

it's up to the original owner of the media, or per government policy to put it up as public domain.

you have heard of wills, yes?

fair enough, but it still violates policy.

imagine cheating in a videogame and rebuying the game on a fresh account. you're still a cheater.

yes it is, you aspie. water: depth 1 meter, gas: depth 1.5meters, electricity: 3 meters above ground. It's autists like you who cannot think past the 2 dimensional representation. You lock yourself into thinking "it must be done this way because that's how it appears to me."

>I pirated them but are not available for purchase
I do the same there are some older games that I can't find anywhere.

>cheating in a videogame
you mean playing it in a manner you find enjoyable instead of strictly following the way the designers intended it to be played

and are you honestly saying that any corporation would refuse taking money bc the decision to buy the IP license was made in a way that literally cost nothing to the corporation?

>intellectual property
...is a fraud, perpetrated upon humanity by corporations and their legislative puppets.
They have collectively subverted copyright law into a perpetual money machine, benefitting
nobody but the executive class and their fellow parasites.

But the principle remains. Authors do NOT receive recompense for every single instance of their intellectual property being consumed.

At best you’re just saying government’s assist in screwing over authors and their IP


i'm saying that the company doesn't consent to what you're doing. pay up front.

i agree.
just serving to educate what's already in place.

not always, no. as before, I agree that IP was a mistake. but people want to own what they make. don't you?

Look at the history of Disney’s constant campaigning for extension of Copyright law.

Disney shit should have gone public domain in the 1990’s but they keep getting legislators to extend the laws.

Next up is in 2022, and you bet they will get the Copyright act extended.

so much this
the first copyright laws in the US only covered 26 years bc that gave enough time for the creator to sufficiently profit off it AND let the work be expanded on by others while it is still relevant
the current laws of copyright lasing a century is stifling new creative works

What is piracy in internet?, is it something like intercept a software transmision and steal it and leave the seller and the owner with out it?
Is it like take a bunch of something and sell it as yours, with no benefit to the producer?
Is it like to take possession of an irreproducible property and leave the original owner with nothing?

I'm just trying to understand the concept of piracy in a unsubstantial object that can't be emptied or exhausted or irremplazable.
Is Piracy an over exaggerated concept applied to something that don't even exist in the material world?, If so, life is like piracy too, isn't it?

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Yes, and so do authors, so why would anyone support a library then?

Tens of thousands of people benefitting from author’s IP free of charge.

this post is 3.14/10

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back when media was a physical copy you could actually steal it.

Now that it's nothing but electricity you can't deprive someone of the original.

Once someone has been transferred to digital and uploaded onto the internet the author relinquishes all control.

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>i'm saying that the company doesn't consent to what you're doing. pay up front.
Suzanne Vega on Napster

>Once someone has been transferred to digital and uploaded onto the internet the author relinquishes all control.
legally, they don't.

Tell that to China faggot

You mean Magix?

conceptually, yes, and that's a problem to be fixed either societally or technically.

Don't care if i'm stealing 25.99 from some rich Jew suck me

>people want to own what they make
(1) corporations are not people.
(2) corporations do not make what they claim to own.

that's not the point of the argument.
besides which a corporation is more or less a large group of people working together to achieve something.

but realistically they do

It's not like the people who produce media are hurting for money anyways.

If they really cared they would release it in a way that was impossible or cost prohibitive to copy.

Or get with the times and realize that nobody wants to pay 15 bucks a ticket for propaganda and maybe restructure their operation.

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Yeah. Corporations are legal entities with representatives for the purpose of interacting with courts.

>Sounds like some sovereign citizen shit.

then that's an issue between you and the media producer. good job, you've outed yourself as a criminal.

it's not like walmart is hurting when you steal their $5 earbuds off the shelf

>a large group of people working together
...is a starry-eyed idealist's notion of a corporation, far removed from reality.

its basically a way for companies to do shady shit while hiding who is really accountable for it

I heard a law professor describe the purpose of incorporation as "when the Law comes knocking, nobody is home."

media is not physical goods, you cant steal one's and zeros

I looked at a wiki article on the mona lisa I must be a prolific art thief too?

I also listened to music on youtube with adblock on.

I also stole the knowledge of how to build a trebuchet, better contact ancient china!

>library licensing
>actually tasteless and could constitute fraud, as the media is intended to be viewed with revenue-generating advertisements.
>also just as tasteless, being a previous military secret development, but that's a matter for the debate of "should IP exist"

dude the mona lisa is way outta copyright
literally anyone can print and sell copies

user presented the argument as if it were. I'm well aware it isn't.

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I think the point is where do you draw the line?

Do you stick with an outdated model where one can claim to own an idea after they have shared it with the entire world that is impossible to enforce or do you evolve and realize having huge corporations try to farm art is no longer sustainable?

The internet has let the artists cut out the producers, which is a good thing because they force the artists to make shitty art.

Also the current way copyright works now practically guarantees that the shittiest low-res copies of classic movies are the ones most frequently seen, the owners not demanding their removal as a tease to the clean and restored ones behind paywalls. It is totally ridiculous that a movie like The Wizard Of Oz, the makers of which are all dead as the pharaohs, isn't public domain.

I'm granting the license for everyone to view my post except for , that dude can fuck right off. I don't give permission for him to view this post, and if he does, he is violating my right to create posts for you all.

Yes, or if you don't read the description where it says you're not allowed to cross the pipes, or take the puzzle completely out of it's obviously intended context, then yes. You can also just join all 3 houses in a straight line and connect the last one to all 3 utilities. The point is if you can prove the puzzle as intended is not solvable.

Consumer 3d printing materials are shit compared to industrial standards and they generally don't extrude those parts, they either use a giant injection molding or cnc machine because additive manufacturing is inherently less durable than subtraction manufacturing and not suitable for something like car unless you just want to replace a broken new vent cover or something.

Explain more about how libraries need a license to lend a physical book because I always thought they utilized the Fair Use Doctrine that anyone can take advantage of to lend books.

Also what is the name of the type of license you need to watch a movie because I have watched hundreds of movies and never once did anyone issue me a license or ask to see my license?

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