Who is your go to pornstar? For me its Velicity Von

Who is your go to pornstar? For me its Velicity Von.

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Velicity is underrated. Love the video where she becomes the fucktoy of a bunch of Japs

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For me, it's Ryan Conner. Her ass and her tits are bigger now than 14 years ago. The perfect milf for me.

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Is that the scene that I think it is in that pic? Great scene.

It is, great threesome


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She was so hot.

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Ashley Adams is pretty hot. her dogfart bts scenes just make her more likeable too

My go to goddess is sweet G
Sexy milf, loving and a swallower : D

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angela white all day

good choice

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I don’t fap a lot but its have to be Anikka Albrite

Remy Lacroix

Sunny Lane

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Rose Monroe

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Love that fat pale ass. She seemed to love the blacks.

she was the best

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check the file name you idiot

Wow Ur so scary pussy

and you're still dumb af

boo, bitch

Amateur Anal

Hard to have a favourite, but always come back to Gianna. Pity she retired. Love that dirty slut.

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Not a "porn star" but still a favorite.

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this chick sucked my cock

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