Gay fur bread

Gay fur bread
cuddling is gae

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Hey Luc

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not looking forward to the next two days.

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What going on?

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Have to drive around a lot.

The next week we might be driving in thanks giving traffic.

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Doin turkeyday with family as a married couple?!

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Well, going to family down south.

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Just you? Or League going too?

My bestfriend/adopted brother is joining me and Snarf this year. Mines being odd so me and Tom might not visit them these Holidays. Snarf and his family are allowing us to join em which is nice.

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Both of us

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So couple time with the parents

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With family yeah.

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Kinda don't want a home cooked meal, maybe a buffet we went to. It was amazing quality for only $25 a pop.

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Why does everyone always say it gets better? It’s been literally a decade and nothing
If I’m gonna die alone anyway, why not put an end to the suffering?

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Heyyy!...he was behind of this

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Ever heard of the Monty Hall problem

Never in my life have I heard of such a thing

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Three doors, with a prize behind one of them. You pick one, one of the doors is removed/opened and it is empty.

What are the odds that your door contains the prize, and does it make sense to switch to open the opposite door instead of the one you originally picked?

Logically it sounds like 50/50 odds, right? Two doors, one has a prize, one doesn't. However, mathematically the odds are actually 33/66. The reason is counterintuitive: removing a door doesn't actually change the odds that your first guess was correct. Essentially, the question becomes, "Do you think you guessed the correct door on your first try, or was it one of the other two doors?". The logic is easier to understand if you expand the problem to 100 doors and 98 of them are revealed empty. The odds you picked the right door blind would only be 1/100.

What does this half to do with anything?

If you an hero you are making the claim that you guessed right on the first try: that every day after today would have been shit. That is why people adopt the attitude of "it gets better".

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I was gonna type out a long-winded post about how retarded the Monty Hall "problem" is but there's no point. It's 50% once the door is removed, and 33% before the door is removed.

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I guess I can see what you mean

I got a few nitpicks tho

-a prize isn’t guaranteed

-if the doors represent the days/years that you live out, then the door opened contains what you live with

-there’s no guarantee that the next door won’t hold something x100 worse

I think the most rational thing is to quit opening doors if the first third of the doors held varying levels of shit

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Hewo there

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Post your butt.

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It's late, but feral if anyone wants

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Have any of you full homos ever fallen for a woman in any capacity?
I know this is going to make me sound extremely pathetic but I have actually been in love with Mei from Overwatch for like 3 years. I'm really goddamn confused because I find women to be physically repulsive and romantically unappealing. Not Mei though. I actually fucking love her. I'm not even an autist, but I sure feel like one.

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