Cuck thread. All the cucks want their sluts reposted and exposed...

Cuck thread. All the cucks want their sluts reposted and exposed, but no one wants to actually take part in helping other cucks. If anyone actually wants to see their slut owned by someone and reposted, and will own and repost mine, kik me at slampuppet55

Having a mega folder of your slut makes it easy to own and expose her.

Pic related

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Lets Play a Game, Cucks. No prizes.

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Step 1

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Step 2

If you need a name call her Tabatta

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need step 2

whats your kik cuck?

Only if you know her irl lol

You are on this site like 24/7 please fuck off with your wedding dress fetish

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Kik qdokey to share your wife or girlfriend- rates, discussion, all that. taking anyone

imig es/ c/3pyzrNt
Repost my wife for me?

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Post a picture with more than 7 pixels.

I am in imig

Black bull, specifically looking for cucks who want someone to own their mom. I expect pics, and give detailed messages in return.

Pic related. MILF I've been giving it to, since her cuck son reached out to me with her info.

Kik: _MasterHC_

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Bi Dom
Looking for bbws/older women/milfs/ cucks wanting to share/ wwyd/ anything really


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Incredible ass on her. Lets see those cheeks spread

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Gf, her kik is conalto

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Ass pics of her please


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Anon070809 cucks send for wwyd stories with my girl and I and bbcs for my girl.

Anyone want to talk/play with her?

Yes please! Kik me at joshgordonsagent

Wwyd to my gf(right) and sister (left)?

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I was banned feom kik do you got wicker?

whats yours

Should I post my latina?

You're in a thread for cucks. Of course you should post it for us all to see

If you wanna see more of my wife


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anon226 I’ll play with her (;

how the fuck you gets banned from kik

wickr btw

I was the one who posted my kik. Just made wikr and my user is whitesfn

want more?
Will post where to find more

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For tons on pictures

First, how about showing us how those tits look like

Volafile DOT org/r/1369a1gz0

I'll start here and see how I feel after a few photos

want else?

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Ohoh! Now that's what I like to see. How about you show us how naughty you can be? You can start by letting us see you pleasure yourself

I loved getting chucked by my ex, but eventually jealousy got in the way. Now it's ruined me to the point where I just want to service a couple. All I can think about is fluffing and cleaning up an overflowing cream pie

like this?

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Heyyy!...he was behind of this

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So you can keep posting her. So perfect with that girl next door vibe

what site is the /c/ for ?

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I'm likely going to be sharing my gf irl soon.

Kik parsleysagerosemary6

Will jerk to your girls nudes, ssave them, wwyd etc. Kik is cgr941

We don’t want to see her dirty sneakers. Show us what she’s actually good for


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i made this cucks girl send me pics and showed him the convo. now he does whatever i say like a bitch. my kik is moffer234 hmu i love making cucks

My 19 year old gf slut

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You like the cage?

amazing ass and feet


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have you watched her cuck you?

Stroking to her, you got a kik?

Damn how'd you get put in the cage? Kik?

Not yet only seen her take nudes and send them to guys and see what they say to her

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My ex liked all this guys pics while we were dating pretty obvious she’d fuck him if she could so I helped her out and sent her nudes to him for her

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Sleep gf

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Wife wwyd?

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what were the best responses?

she locked me

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how did that turn out?

fondle her soft body and cum in her chubby pussy

Does she cuck you? Would love to be caged myself

Email if u expose/repost [email protected]

Just guys saying what’s they’d do, sending sick pictures, getting added to group chats with there friends and basically saying group sex with guys are 2 guys fuck her and stuff

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Wanting to share my thicc latina gf with bulls for tributes, mutual jerking etc. Mature or chub guys are great :D but anyone is fine.

We value privacy!

ever have a threesome?

Yes when we first met

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Oh really now

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definitely. id bury my face in that big soft chubby ass too.

who with?

they end up fucking?

She is ready

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so perfectly pale. ill creampie her all night.

Wwyd brutal rape to my gf. My kik for more nudes: jessiecali323

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She loves geting creampie

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moffer234 on kik. 7 inch bull need a fap

ill cream both her ass and pussy

Here's one, if u own already show a pic

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Fuck yess, any more?

Hmm I’d eat that

dont have kik, but have tons of pics of wife, from dresed to full exposure, name, I.d.,everything as well as vids!

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Up close pussy?

No nudes there fag