Feminist Hate Thread: International Men's Day Edition

Feminist Hate Thread: International Men's Day Edition.

Today (November 19) is International Men's Day. Let's have a Feminist Hate Thread to celebrate the continued downfall of that misandrist movement and their SEETHING over the fact that the rest of the world is waking up to the reality of men's issues.

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but yes

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I'll add some.
>Feminists actually mock men for wanting to raise awareness of male suicide
>Those same feminists will then get upset when we point out that feminism is misandry

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Friendly reminder that, thanks to feminism, men can go to jail for failure to pay child support regardless of their circumstances. A literal POW can be locked up because he didn't pay child support while he was held hostage by terrorists. Thanks feminism!

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You know that red haired feminist you guys love to post as a stereotypical "feminazi"? She talks about wanting to fix these things
But can I ask if you want to help african Americans as well? They have a few percentages that are similar when compared to white men

>she talks about wanting to fix those things
she did this literally right after shutting down a conference to fix those things. She says that to trick naive idiots into thinking feminists don't hate men. She doesn't want to fix those things. She doesn't want anybody else to fix those things. And while she's an extremist, moderate feminists are the same way. They also don't want anybody to fix these issues, it's why feminists hate MRAs and egalitarians so much.

And of course MRAs/egalitarians want to help black people with the same issues. The difference is, society is already addressing those issues. The real question is, why does society (ESPECIALLY feminists) refuse to care half as much about those exact same issues when they affect men? Why do feminists openly fight AGAINST anybody who tries to fix those same issues about men?

Pic-related. I actually got this from Sup Forums and a bunch of Sup Forumstards argued with the OP, using the same arguments feminists use. The way Sup Forums views black people is identical to the way feminists view men. Neither wants to address all of the issues in this pic and both of them hate it when anybody else tries to even talk about them.

Fuck bigots of all kinds. Nazis, feminists, it doesn't matter. All bigots can die.

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this ones fake tho

This is what happens when women are permitted to keep their clitoral hood

Anyway it's after midnight and I'm going to go to bed but you sound like somebody who is horribly misinformed about feminism and Men's Rights, but you also sound like somebody who might give a shit. I'd recommend watching this:


It's a documentary made by a feminist (pic-related) who wanted to prove that feminism cares about men and that MRAs are just misogynists. Except she actually did her research and interviewed MRAs and feminists (and even interviewed Big Red, along with other actual feminist leaders). And when she did, she realized that it's impossible to call yourself a feminist if you truly support gender equality.

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I'm 90% sure the university confirmed it though, but said that it's old and they don't use that poster anymore

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no dude it was made by a student to illustrate the double standard
it was never legit

>Debbie Conner, the vice president for campus life and student engagement at Coastal Carolina University, confirmed to the Daily Dot that the poster originated from the university. Conner said it was published in 2008 by the Campus Assault Resource Education Support Coalition, made up of students, faculty, and staff at the university. “It went out of circulation in 2008,” she said.

>According to Conner, this poster wasn’t widespread across CCU’s campus. “I don’t even remember this poster, and I’ve had a few people say that they printed probably 20 of them, and were on a few bulletin boards on campus, but it wasn’t a big campaign.”

so it looks like it wasn't used for long but it was legit

I could honestly slice her labia off with a potato peeler, and never lose my erection.

It’s not. Besides, its case law

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But none of that's real

Are you aware of how many flaws have been found with the redpill? Such as them claiming they are upset with having to as construction workers and armed forces while women don't, yet women are fighting to be more accepted in those fields. Also the fact that they didn't bring up truck drivers (who have the highest mortality rate while on the clock) and do bring up firemen (low mortality rate) shows their disingenuous message

Reminds me of the greentext of some tard that payed a tranny to rape his ass for no reason.

I spent 3 years of my life dating one of these sociopaths. It's a legit issue with cult like behavior.

Oh yeah? How?

If someone blew their load on her face I'd consider paying to watch that. It'd definitely get more views then the shit movie she made.

A mate of mine did the same thing, watching it slowly fall apart was painfull. I don't know why he stayed with her for so long.

We should let more women work in dangerous jobs, maybe then people will actually care about the high workplace death rates

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dammit... sorry for the dupe, anons.

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