Good luck with that

good luck with that.

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dispute this, or fuck off

You're using the term "prosecutor" very loose
Imagine being so far behind in poll you have to ask other countries to dig up dirt on your rivals

the problem with this comic is that the obama administration wanted the prosecutor to be removed or resigned because he was refusing to investigate corruption at that company

as relevant as what you had for breakfast. But of course, that is your way.

seems relevant since its the exact opposite of what the first part of the comic says

>dig up dirt
Biden's crooked shit here isn't an extramarital fling dickhead, sorry you are so fucking stupid.

>Sup Forums not even once

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You missed the part where Trump is holding money unless they publicly state they are investigating Biden and that he is the president and subject to impeachment while Biden is not.

and was Obama withholding a billion in aid to spring his son from prosecution?

good luck there also. That shit will have your blood in the streets, fucking count on it.

no, they were withholding aid unless the prosecutor was replaced because he wasn't doing his job. he was refusing to investigate corruption at the company hunter biden was on the board of.

What the fuck do you not get about him asking a foreign power for an investigation into a political rival? Trump doesn't care about you, no one in the GOP cares about you, stop thinking with a party. Jesus Christ. The fucking MOGS on this site no wonder everywhere thinks we're all retarded

So when Biden did nearly the exact same thing to get rid of a Ukrainian official as VP, that was ok?

Face it people, both parties are shit. The only difference is whether or now you call them your party.

LOL every Trump supporter is as big a coward as he is.

No, both should be in prison. But only one is the president right now and therefor subject to impeachment.

biden wasnt witholding aid in order to get political dirty on a rival.

Or he was investigating corruption and hunter Biden was complicit.
50,000 a month seems like a sweet gig for VP’s kid. I wonder what he was doing for that money.

the is false equivalent bullshit. And even if Biden did something similar (which he didn't), does that make it ok for Trump to do it?

" Biden, allies pushed out Ukrainian prosecutor because he didn't pursue corruption cases"

That's literally how Trump deflected the Access Hollywood tape of him admitting to being a molester.

No his reasons were different, but just as crooked.
Impeach trump if it makes you feel better, just know you’re not getting anything better with Biden.

President Trump and I, will kick your ass, bitch!

withholding aid to influence international affairs is completely normal and has always been used as a way of america showing its power to get what it wants.
it becomes a problem when you use that power to withhold aid to help you get dirt to defeat a political opponent for a us election

why was he withholding aid then?

The dude on the far right definitely likes little boys kevin spacey style. The other two dudes are failed politicians. Or what we consider politicians today I guess.

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because the prosecutor was refusing to investigate and prosecute corruption

Biden should have let Obama or Clinton deal with Ukraine.
Having his son with next to no experience or knowledge of the country, involved with one of their largest companies screams conspiracy.

He has no one to blame but himself.