California Thread. Bonus 805

California Thread. Bonus 805

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Who has Mallory from Slobabes

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Anyone have the sets?

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Kommifornia as I call it

916 checking in

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Anyone got any of this slut Angela? Chula Vista 619

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anybody have an invite to the whore galaxy cord?


805 checking in. LOMPOC WHAT

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any folsom or granite bay 916?

Yooo you got?

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Lompoc wins?

bump for 916

any 707 humboldt

Looking for any 562

Why do you all keep voting Democrat when the Democrats have fucked up your state so badly?

Anyone in 619 wana fuck?

562 LB, looking for Lakewood and other LB chicks

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Fuck yeah

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Anyone recognize either from Chico

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Haha, this, librels in california (also known as the people's republic of california) keep blaming everyone but themselfs for the mess they got themselfs into.

oh shit is there more of her? starts with a v?

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holy shit how much more do you have? dump what you got!

Who dis? Face? Name?

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805 come owwwwnnnn

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Someone's gotta have em

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who has them 916 nudes post em up

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keep goin bro. any mor e of her or other folsom?

916 is popular in here

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562 LB here

always, got any roseville or folsom?



never any 661 lol

714 Buena Park. Kik me with rape stories and I’ll send more nudes. My kik: jessiecali323

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First name?


LF 530 davis / woodland

Anybody know any chicks in Fullerton? College boy looking for some fun-

I saw someone post they got nuked. Hopefully they are still around. It was a great cord

415 anyone got more?

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hey man, if you actually live in 661 you know why there isn't any 661. Nobody wants to see these fucking tweakers.

559 Fresno/Madera

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Any 818?


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559 I think

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Link go discord?

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Anyone know her?

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you know her?


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No just a pic I saved from an old cali thread

Anyone have a girl named April?

805 checking in

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anyone got anything from this chick from 909

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hottie, i want more!


Anyone got hers

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Camarillo at your service

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any sb?

Illegals and dead people votes my friend. Where i live it's 90% Republican

Nah man soz

that you?

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nice me too

650 415

Kik: xoreous

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I like

Anyone have Nicky the Petco employee from 916?

Any 323 sluts?

707 Lake County here.

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She does look like a tweaker

who's that?

Any new 760?

Do you know her?

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Where's op that posted Jessica

562 Downey

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please keep the 916 coming!

moar from this area


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