Homeless hate thread

Homeless hate thread
>Literally 99.9% of homeless people are dirty, crime commiting, lazy junkies
>Trying to help them is futile as they do not want help
>brain damage worsened by heroin, meth, and crack renders them unable to re-integrate into society
>cannot control their assholes and will literally defecate wherever they can/happen to be, be it their pants, or on the walls of hard working people's businesses.
>Most of them are arrogant, entitled, greedy assholes who will not think twice before spitting on you because you bought them a meal and didn't hand them cash to fuel their drug addiction.
>will steal whatever/whenever they have the chance to, even from eachother

I feel like I'm in the minority for thinking that they should all just be round up, gassed, and dumped in a mass grave.
Just let major cities start with a clean slate.
It would improve the quality of life for every normal contributing person.
>No more feces and needles littering the streets
>No more overpowering smell of urine everywhere you go
>Crime would significantly decrease
>No more worrying that you might get mugged by a heroin junkie while walking at night
>City resources could be better allocated to actually improve/fix communities

I just want it to end Sup Forumsros, I despise 99.9% of homeless people.

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True, true.

Also true for all kinds of criminals, no matter how small or infrequent the crime. A one time deal, round them all up and eliminate the bad parts of society once and for all.

Also for drug users, including weed. Just murder them all and solve the problem.

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I live in Portland OR, it sucks. Tent cities with bike chop shops errywhere

They are retarded. Dont they realize they can be homeless anywhere they like.
Fucker in my city slum in piss and vomit soaked laneways when a 20 min ferry ride they could be homeless by the beach. With access to clean toilets, showers and change rooms.

Another shitty thing to consider is that these people are essentially above the law. What sense is there in punishing someone who literally has nothing to their name?
Throw them in jail? Cool you just gave them free meals and housing all on tax payer dollars.
Ticket them? The city knows they cannot get their money.
Cops are being told to stand down and ignore crimes commited by homeless populations because it's just a waste of time and resources.

They need round up the homeless put them on a boat and go 20 miles out into the ocean dump them off and who ever swims to shore can get a free house and be taken care of the rest of their lives. They cannot have any assistance or any type of swim gear. They have to wear what they have on when they were picked up

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Those houses would become roach-infested crack dens in less than a week. Those houses should be built right next to yours for coming up with that idea.

I don’t think they should be rounded up, on the off chance there is just some normal dude down on his luck in the midst, however I think that their aid should be suspended, if you want to give them money, you should be allowed, but free housing and food? Fuck that let them starve, they’ll get crazy enough that they will get shot or go to prison. The normal ones will have a better shot at making back on their feet too

OP here, I specified the 99.9 because I'm sure that the .1 could just be some normal people who've fallen on hard times, however, I think that rounding them up would work because if you're truly a "normal" person who's had some bad luck I doubt you'd want to wallow around and hang with the mentally disturbed 99.9%
Any normal person would be fighting tooth and nail to get out of that situation and would be smart enough to pass off as not a homeless person.

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Lul op is prolly an angsty middleachooler

kill yourself

Eugene here bro, we're on the path.

>Literally 99.9% of your statistics are fabricated bullshit

u mad?

You're an idiot, the only thing that killing off the dirt poor would do is move the lower middle class into the next class that needs to be exterminated. We could kill all the homeless and what would that do? Nothing, so little money is spent on them to begin with. We kill the rich off however...all our lives improve exponentially, we all have more money dispersed through-out our society and move evenly. They have most of all the money after all. Stop being a dumbass and get on board with eating the rich.

Sometimes it's not drugs sometimes it's just bullshit mental illness but I count that the same as being a junkie. It's something to overcome and people living like that are choosing to not overcome. I dont shame them but I dont help em niether.

Same problem tho people will avoid being rich and the upper middle class will become the next targets. Plus jokes aside not that many people are able to become rich for a slew of reasons, so how many people will you really feed.

Yoo right?! I was out on my ass for a few weeks I spent a few bogged for buck on a 24 hr gym membership showers TV water I used to spot people and work out with em for a few bucks I eventually got chummy with the staff and manager and they hired me to clean stuff and let me crash in the back office eventually I picked up a few clients as a personal trainer and now I pay rent at a shitty apartment, but I ain't homeless and I never slept outside. Fuck street people.

Having been homeless myself, I can absolutely say I agree OP. Instead of rounding them up en masse I think we should just have certain agents of the public endowed with the power to kill. These agents go around offering food and employment, any refusals of employment gets shot and any hostility in response to the food gets shot. Solicitors to be handled on a case by case basis.

Real talk though -- homeless women are hot as fuck. Exterminating them would be a waste. They should be free use rape meat.

>Any normal person would be fighting tooth and nail to get out of that situation and would be smart enough to pass off as not a homeless person.
A million times this, nobody I met in my time on the streets understood this and it's why they're all still there

Medford here, I feel ya both

I have a question. How easy is to open a small/medium size business in the USA? How much time does it take?

Time isn't an issue, capital is. If you have the capital you could start a business tomorrow.

I say don't waste th gas, just ship them all to Detroit right before one of the polar vortex storms.

Excluding any barriers to entry like licensing or rezoning specific to your business plan, this.

Bless you. Here we have to wait months! No one punish businesses better than our shitty politicians.

I'd bet you are an American that claims to be a Christian.

Nice number. Be a shame if someone were to ask for a citation.

Op how much money do you make in a year? What skills do you possess to actually produce something? Everyone from upper middle class down is one bad injury or event and 2-6 weeks away from being homeless...you insulate yourself with insurance, healthcare, and a little savings account....wait until they hit you or a family member with a $450k medical treatment and insurance figures out how to drop them

>"Everyone from upper middle class down is one bad injury or event and 2-6 weeks away from being homeless"
Except they're not, do you realize how much you have to fuck up to actually end up on the streets as a braindead zombie?
Most homeless people have been disowned by their friends and family for being worthless junkies. Being homeless means you have no couch to crash on because no one trusts you enough to not steal shit from them.

You definetely don't live in a major city or come into regular contact with homeless people. You wouldn't feel sorry for them if you did.

Am American but no, not Christian.

yeah you could say that I am, that was the point of this post.

I'm not even that concerned about the money, it's more so just the fucking filth, lack of decency, and overral unpredictable behavior of these people that affect those who just want to go about their day. You can't go to a fucking park nowadays without stepping over tent villages and getting harassed for the pennies in your pocket.

>Your number is wrong...
>Yeah well you're wrong and I'm right so there!
Okay buddy. Nice chat. Let me know when you can back up your hyperbole with fact.

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Except they are. You want actual figures? More than half of homeless addicts developed their dependencies AFTER they became homeless. You never answered his question, how much do you earn?

obviously the 99.9% figure isn't meant to be an offical statistic nor is it meant to be taken literally, it's just the figurative number I chose to illustrate that I believe the majority of them are like what I described based on my experiences.
Don't come into a hate thread trying to defend said hated thing it's pointless 'buddy".

Ok look I believe you man I guess I just don't feel like going into hypotheticals, don't have the energy for it rn tbh.
My post was directed at the criminal junkies. The average person who becomes homeless over an injury isn't going to start shitting on walls and stealing bikes to pawn it for meth.

All a symptom, man. It doesn't matter if you literally clean the streets with fire, in one generation there will be more. Home ownership will keep declining. Lack of ownership introduces pack of security. Lack of equitable wages leads to lack of ownership. Corporate greed leads to lack of equitable wages.

And so on and so on ad absurdum.

I have a friend who lives in medford. From what I hear your town was a shithole to begin with.

they're an eyesore but at least they're not bucking the system with their section 8 houses, food stamps like the craftier junkies and jungle mamas do with uncle sam forcing me to donate to these losers who then roam the neighborhoods during the day stealing whatever they can get and pawning it off for more drugs then on top of that THEY pretend to be homeless as well and steal from other homeless people who really need it and go to food shelters and steal food from the real homeless.

That's very true.
Section 8 shit is the worst.

>hey nice building/neighborhood you have there
>these ghetto scumbags should really be able to live there too.
>you're welcome

You know what? I sincerely hope that someone shoots you in your fucking face, OP.

Vagrants have run amuck in my town. Feces and needles everywhere. I’m in Oly wa and I fully agree.

I blame the problem with Americans homeless on our drug problem because when you visit other first world countries that also have homeless it is not this fucking bad because their homeless have not had their brains fried by drugs. It doesn't help Reagan defunded out nut houses so they wind up on the street.

Did a scary scruffy man say a bad word to you yesterday and now you are having an internet tantrum?

> avoid being rich

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Oof be careful with that edginess op, you might cut people with it by accident.
Yes there are homeless fuckers that will piss themselves to sleep every night, and go around trying to hassle people. But like every group in America, there's always the good and the bad, it just depends on the area you live in.
>Cops can be summed up murderers with nothing more than a badge and a gun
>Asians are nothing more than incest loving cheap fucks
>Men are nothing but fuckbois
>All dogs have intent to kill everyone
I used to be homeless, and there was a crew of 4 of us who'd do nothing but blast metal, drink fine booze, and have good times all around. Random people would even come by just to talk about random shit, whether it'd be politics, drugs, tweakers etc. There'd sometimes be those shithead tweakers that would harass yuppies and housies, and we'd tell em to kick rocks, or get stick around and find out. Remember this one dude stuck around and our homie pulled out a ~2 ft Machete. I've never seen a man run so fast in my life.

Heyy!...nice Elon

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Aww widdle babby got his feewings hurt?
Express your hatred toward my opinion concisely or don’t comment at all mongloid

You at a truckers stop poor boy? Your needle is waiting.

and blacks

>“Do nothing but blast metal, drink fine booz, and have good times all around”
I understand your need to justify that portion of your life but that does not sound like a worth living to me. You had nothing to strive for, no goals, no purpose in life. It’s a meaningless existence and at worst an inconvenience to those who have found purpose in life

used to live in Portland, moved to LA recently
bro, it's not even that bad there

OP here, wrote this post from the POV of living in LA, I only see it going downhill from here

I recently visited LA and I could not believe how bad some sections were and I didn't even visit the places they congregate.

How does that an inconvenience to others? If there's a Frat having a party at a park, does that inconvenience others?
>You had nothing to strive for, no goals, no purpose in life. It’s a meaningless existence
Well what is the goal in life? To get as much money before you die? To become famous before you die? And even if you have a goal, there's nobody who truly has a real purpose in life these days...humans are so expendable that if anyone of us died, we could just be replaced in a heart beat. At the end of the day, we all end up 6 ft under with nothing, so why not live everyday like it's your last?

My friend had this happen once. He gave a homeless mad who was asking for food a bran muffin he bought but decided to give to said homeless man. Then man takes it, yells “wtf is this shit!” And throws it back at my friend. Sadly NYC is a shithole even without homeless people

> $450k medical treatment
Just Amerifat things

I believe that a human’s ultimate goal in life is to leave their surroundings (family, friends, environment) better than the way they received it. If you are not actively doing that then it is pointless. Sure everyone is entitled to their own life by not everyone’s life is worth the same value.

Ignorant af

>I believe that a human’s ultimate goal in life is to leave their surroundings (family, friends, environment) better than the way they received it
Well couldn't you say uplifting general population morality, and beating the dogshit out of tweakers who are actively trying to rob others count as changing the environment for the better? How about picking up litter that is actively plaguing the streets?
If our government worked the way it should, there'd be ~70-80% decrease in homeless population, which would most likely lead to a lot less unnecessary deaths, and cut down the rates stores are broken into and robbed.

Thanks op. Think about it, if you lost your job or got a drug habit, there's still things you could do to fall back on. You have to make a LOT of mistakes to have zero people in your life whom you could live with.

These fucks have burned every single bridge in their life. They have no one to go to because of a serious drug habit, habitual lying, or being a complete asshole. Fuck these people

Tell me why

why stand on a soap box here on Sup Forums when you could be out there purging society of this problem? you could be actually doing something about this problem.

so fuck yourself, not those people, because you're part of the problem. fucking make america great again already, don't just sit here and bitch about it from the safety of your sister in laws basement.

>”you could be out there purging society of this problem”
I’m advocating for genocide, fuck those
people. Stop blaming the game and blame the player. That’s what everyone is, deal with it.
>”fucking make America great again already”
You done fucked up with this one mate

I'd swim 30 miles for a house without being homeless, but only in summer

You can smell the stench of the lower class in here, clamoring at the thin slice below them to have someone to feel superior to.

The homeless need mental health care and vocational training. The vast majority of homeless have significant mental issues that need to be addressed before they can even begin to take part in normal society. Many also have compound physical health issues.

sounds like waste of money, alot of them already get offered help but they jump out of the facilities/help.
Get your info straight idiot

Homeless need easier access to housing. The solution is less red tape for builders and homeowners.

Pilot programs that have provided mental health care and housing have shown that it's a net fiscal benefit. This is in comparison to solutions that only provided housing, or only mental health care.

Stop being poor.

This is what happens to Leftist cities

You can smell the stench of the lower class in here, clamoring at the thin slice below them to have someone to feel superior to.

>Express your hatred toward my opinion concisely
>I sincerely hope that someone shoots you in your fucking face
Is pretty concise. About the only way it could be moreso is just saying
>I hope you die.

P.s. I hope you die.

>I’m advocating for genocide, fuck those
Wing solve the problem because the people are largely not the problem. Corporate greed is the problem. If nobody forces corporations to play fair, they don't. Same as it ever was. The market has never in its entire history successfully self-regulated.

Fuck I hate that I saw this in da comments. I live here too doe
it bad

Go away ooga booga man

Lol 50 percent of population? What are you thanos lol.

I'm homeless and I welcome death. I cant stand other bums and because I'm intersex I can't stay in shelters so I'm forced to live on the streets. I live in Boston so cost of living is too high so I'm shit out of luck even on SSI. Go ahead and kill me.

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It could be anyone out there on the streets.Drug addiction is called an addiction for a reason,they need proper shelters and rehabs.Mostly rehabs kick them out the minute they can't pay or insurence date ends,even if they haven't went thru the whole course of rehabilitation.
This guys videos are amazing.Will help you get more info and understand more.

Oh no they do,if they can't get hold of drugs they're alchoholics.Almost every homeless person has some type of addiction,it's so hard and damaging to be out on the streets,only way to avoid pain is to drink it away or shoot some up.Also you can't escape your surroundings,if everyone on the streets does drugs,ypu will start doing them too.

My dad is homeless by choice. He is an asshole so I completely agree with you.