I took acid for the first time about 2 hours ago and I don’t have a trip sitter with me this fucked up

I took acid for the first time about 2 hours ago and I don’t have a trip sitter with me this fucked up

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296811 vs hamburger LMAO its time please make a decision for tomorrow dont delay

you should go for a walk

Good luck, user.

Its all good OP.
It wont last forever. Just enjoy the experience.
Turn the lights on if its dark.

Just call someone who you enjoy to be around to come over

I don’t know if you guys saw but I was the dumb ass asking for advice around here like 2 hours ago

I some luck right now this is really weird

seriously go for a walk it's amazing

how much did you take, user? i dont suggest going for a walk like some other fag is saying, acid can be very disorienting. put on some music and enjoy yourself.

I took a gel tab just one

I gotta meet a friend in a hour and by then it would have been 4 hours so I gotta walk soon and I’m afraid I will get lost

okay, those can have a decent amount in them, but know that you'll be okay. No one has over OD'd on acid before and you didn't take enough to do some dumb shit. The peak will be over in a little while. Just enjoy it, user

just take your phone and stay off the roads

One time I walked down the fucking freeway on acid then cars came and scared the shit outta me

i really dont think doing anything out of your comfort zone is a great idea, any chance you could cancel? what time is it where youre at

Don't be a wimp, confront your fears. That's what acid is about.

Ask yourself, am I too much of a bitch to not have fun on acid?

No, you're not too much of a bitch.

Then have fun.

Put on some music, get off this screen.

my first experience was by myself in my room in the dark, go for a short walk, move areas if you start feeling weird, drink water, listen to happy music, and let the thoughts work through. you will confront allot your first time using it, understand it can be a healing experience.

Yeah I need to fuck off im sorry I should just enjoy it

how much did you take?
assuming it's a normal 1 or 2 tabs you'll be fine.
just chill out to some music and relax.
DONT fight it.
just go with the flow.

I don't understand why people think LSD is some insane drug or you need a sitter for it.

I've done LSD like 10 times, including once taking 25 tabs of 100ug and it's nothing like what you people make it out to be.

sure you did.

different people react to drugs differently, some people can just chill others can go fucking crazy

Why would I lie about that? It's fucking LSD not PCP.

Replied to myself. :x

I guess. When I took the LSD my perception was altered and colors would bleed into their surroundings... but unless I closed my eyes I didn't see anything crazy.

I also took mushrooms for the first time recently. I took 8g of golden teacher and all it did was make me feel good and make the world HD-like. I wonder if it's because I've had "normal" hallucinations for a long time that I'm resistant to it? Dunno.

you probably have a lowered ability to uptake serotonin which is what makes you trip

I see.

there's no way you took 2,500 ug of acid and didnt have crazy visuals

OP Here
I’m about to head out to go meetup with a friend wish me luck

>25 tabs
yeah nah

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>10 times

In total? lol
Yeah, that was like a month for me at my peak use.

this, either he's got this or someone gave him some bunk shit, or maybe he didn't store it properly... let it sit out in direct sunlight or some shit.

by 1000ugs you basically can't see anything BUT visuals, you'd be lucky to see your own hand in front of your face, let alone use a phone to call for help.

sounds like a dumb idea but if it's a chill friend and you're heading to a quiet, chill place with no strangers around then might be cool.

dude, acid is for degenerates and it's gonna fry your brain

if you take too much it'll complete fuck up your perception of reality, you'll get lost in your thoughts and it's surprisingly easy to go into a bad trip when you're alone

good luck to you though, user... maybe eat a weed edible i'm sure it'll mellow you out :^}

I'll take dumb, baseless advice from an internet person for $400, Alex

I did. The 2500ug I took was 1p-LSD from Lysergi, a lab-grade supplier. The 100ug 1p-LSD tabs from there affected me the same as 100ug tabs from a not-so-reputable source.

The crazy visuals only happened if I closed my eyes... then it was amazing.

I used it 1 day after receiving it from Lysergi and it was stored in a metallic bag inside my desk.

You used normal doses of LSD 10 times in a month? Either you're lying or wasted a bunch of money. LSD tolerance is a real thing and takes 1-2 weeks for it dissipate.

I've also done acid before, and it was great, but it wasn't life-changing or something. I definitely still felt generally like a functioning person while tripping. I did have something of a panic attack the next day though, that was weird

My friend took some too and cried for 2 hours straight though

yee nah nah yee nah nah nah yee

I've done a FUCK load of lsd and never once had a bad trip, but I always made a point of having a bit of weed to smoke just to smooth out the peak.

Ha that’s funny cause u will get lost. Better tell your friend what’s up now and make life easier

>and it's surprisingly easy to go into a bad trip when you're alone
lol no
only if you're the kind of shallow, attention-whore kind of person who ALWAYS has to be around other people for validation and entertainment.
if you're the kind of person who usually hangs out at home alone reading books or playing vidya then tripping alone is better. I'm like that, and the thought of tripping with other people straight up un-nerves me. unpredictable people doing random shit that I cant control in my setting...... tripping with other people is a recipe for disaster for me and similar people.

tl;dr not for introverts.
introverts are best tripping alone.
extroverts are best tripping with someone.

Just the fact that HPPD exists shows that these drugs aren't meant to be taken lightly, as they vary from person to person.

However, tripping alone is never really ideal especially for a first-time user you brainlet

This. I would've hated doing LSD with other people around.

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i've been lucky. whenever i've done it i've had housemates home, but they've been chilling doing their own thing (face in their phones or listening to music in their room or whatever), so i was tripping alone but felt safe knowing that if anything did happen that I had people there if I needed.

Only you can make it suck, just relax and have a good time

You'll be fine. Listen to music and chill : )

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Get off Sup Forums and listen to Europe 72 by the grateful dead.

i'm talking even being with a close friend, not a group of vapid fucks who wouldn't give a single shit about you. Projecting much?

Yea, that's good. The only drug I had a sitter with was with Salvia... that shit was crazy and I wouldn't recommend it.

Heyyy!...he was behind of this

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No, tolerance is what made me stop.
You're right, it became a complete waste.
That, and the quality seemed iffy depending on my sources.
Nowadays I just stick to psilocybin for my psychedelics, it just feels safer.

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Which mushroom do you use for psilocybin and how much? I tried 8g of golden teacher before and it didn't do much.

Dude you will be fine stop being a pussy.

100 micrograms is nothing. Even for a first time.

again, depends on the person and what their friends are like.
my closest friends are great, but I'd never take acid with them. i'd prefer to give them a tab each, smoke up and watch them instead.

but that's mostly cuz my friends all have 0 experience with any drugs.

this implies that he didn't take Nbome which can and has killed people

Mostly locally picked Liberty Caps.
Usually about 4-5 grams and I'm tripping hard.
Not that I do it very often, I've come to appreciate moderation in recent years.

First (and only) time I took shrooms I was with some friends. I was chilling, and they wanted to go out and walk around. I advised no, they called me bitch, I stuck to my gun and stayed in while they went out. I had a nice night listening to music and relaxing on my own, they spent 4 hours lost walking around a forest and having a bad trip. One of them lost their phone. The other one sprained his ankle.

Moral of the story: don’t go out on your first trip. Stay inside in your comfort zone. If you really can’t find anything entertaining to do indoors while tripping then idk what to tell you

I have two fistfuls of mushrooms in my stash. I took one and it set me on a hellish trip, I was seeing inside my own brain and I could hear satanic spider crickets clawing on the walls. It was a hellish nightmare. I have never eaten mushrooms so strong, I have no idea what to do with them.

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Not him, that sounds perfect though. I feel like superman on lsd, adventures are the best thing if you're capable and in control.

You're a fucking idiot. If you took even a minute out of your time to do some research you'd know that getting yourself a trip sitter is the best thing to do even if it isn't your first time taking LSD. Calling OP out for wanting attention makes no sense, as you can say the same thing about any other OP on this site. OP has a topic of discussion, and we are contributing. Fuck off and be a buzzkill somewhere else, faggot