If men aren't evil where are all the female school shooters?

If men aren't evil where are all the female school shooters?

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cuz bitches cant do shit

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bruh, we are trying to prove men are superior, delete this.


I know what you want to say, but your sentence is so flawed op...

A simple google search:

actually woman have higher iqs, but we have bigger fists.

>actually woman have higher iqs

no women are more likely to be in the middle of the bell curve while men are more likely to be on the sides.

Most geniuses are men.

this thread can't be the new Sup Forums meme, i prefer andy's logs


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based dubs

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fucking all kids love logs

Statistics show that female murderers are most likely to poison instead of committing a violent crime like shooting.

They don’t have the balls to shoot up a school

There's not that many "shooters".

It's hard to develop statistics from a low n, but it's apparent that girls are a lot better at socializing.

Girls more consistently value socialization and those that don't will more likely adopt a mindset of personal failure rather than society failing them.

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They dont have to you retard. Even the worst ugliest weirdest chicks will get support and people talking to them. All it takes is for a dude to be slightly unattractive or wierd and everyone will team him like dog shit. How is this even a question? Everyone already knows these females all playing on recruit difficulty

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Only losers on the wrong side of the bell curve think that.

>Females can guns.

>woman have higher iqs

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The girls that picked on thru school are normally too broken down by the girl bullies to feel that theyd even succeed at killing others, so instead they resort to hurting themselves with drugs, self loathing and poor relationships

>Mfw I don't like mondays

females generally have good lives.

they don't have to worry and suffer like men do, in a vast many different of ways.

what makes a school shooter is living in hell and seeing a future of none the less, and a lot of other things, things which females wont want to ruin their nice lives for.

but anyhow, I don't expect a female to understand or care.

sad to say, but after thousands of hours of, tens of thousands even, of study, I have come to a few conclusions, besides the jewish problem, it is also a female problem.

so congrats, for helping bring clown world to this day and age, amazing.

Oh, Garfield you scoundrel

they dont need to shoot up schools cuz they get sex when they want it and with who they want it with, and hell, even get paid for it lol

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>There's not that many "shooters".
Kek, one is too many, white boii

Tell me why?
I don't like Mondays.