I tried this a few weeks ago...

I tried this a few weeks ago, circumcised my penis and ever since it's become stronger and thicker feeling and I can feel the veins throbbing in my dick.

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what a waste of double dubs (aka the "full house")

anyway, if you are circumcised, your penis is permanently rendered less sensitive and mutilated.

that's okay, because there's nothing wrong with being a subby cut butt slut ;)

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dub dubs isn't a full house tard

Also cutfags will always be mad because someone muliated their penis and they can never go back

you think our orgasms aren't just as good as uncut men? ;)

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the science says yea, cut men experience ED more and report less pleasure over all

sorry friend your dick is fucked up

oh i beg to differ. i think my partners like it. i think they prefer a cleaner, more stately looking penis.

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until they try the real thing

mmmn, you're making me jealous user.

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Fuck off, circumcision induces brain damage on children.

Keep your dick as nature intended, circumcision is unatural, and in my experience, women prefer uncircumcised.

would you say that uncut men are superior?

Circumcision does reduce penile pleasure, but there's still the prostate.

Didn't jews literally start circumcision to get their kids to stop jacking off all the time?

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exactly my thinking user

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>being obsessed with cocks

Only my own and the wellbeing of it. Chicks love my dick now and I can face fuck my girlfriend to death everyday now. You're the smegma master.

>cut dicks are more aesthetically pleasing

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Looks fucking horrible, like a worm.

Looks better than your dried up and calloused, scarred and two-toned mushroom stem, ya fuckin' jew.

Calloused means stronger. Scarred means battle scars. I'm not a Jew.

How's it feel knowing you'll never know what a truly satisfying sexual experience feels like, and that your mommy and daddy robbed it from you for literally no good reason, while Dr. Shekelstein charged em several grand for the privilege?

I did this a few weeks ago to my dick, not from birth. It feels very good, it throbs like hell when it's around women now. Before my sex was lame with my saggy lizard skin dick, now it feels amazing.

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only when you skull fuck kids.

You must be cut then because your statement is absolutely retarded.

First of all, you're lying, that was done from birth, and if not: Give it a few years for the skin to keratinize and more than half of the sensation to fade away, and you'll only realize it once you've become old and jaded and bitter and you'll know that was the reason why.

There was a study done proving that neonatal circumcision permanently alters the brain chemistry of infants, fucking look it up.

It feels tougher.

That's a *bad* thing, user...
Nooot a gooood thiiiing, a baaaaad thing...
Cut dicks are 60% less likely to induce female orgasm through penetration alone as well, there's a reason evolution gave us a foreskin to begin with.

Circumcision is good you 3rd world foreign durty ass faggot.

Circumcision is better, it makes it look bigger and angrier and threatening. It increases your testosterone and aggression and manliness. Women love it more and you have advanced sex powers from it.

Made up bullshit statistic by insecure little-dick manlet

You're literally reducing the girth of your rod retard.


Nicee one Elon...

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Elon is the real anti-circumist.

Circumcised dicks are better.

My circumcised penis is a demon.

i know this is b8 from some angsty cutfag, but to me, circumcision is like an abortion that you survived. i never had an issue with getting bj's an uncutfag. in fact, i would get more bj's than my friends because i was uncut. i guess when my girlfriends realized the rumors weren't true, that i didn't have dick cheese or it stank, the novelty of it made them want to suck and play with my uncut member more, plus the extra skin when my dick is hard makes my erection thicker, so yeah, don't cut your babies dicks off, not cool.