Hey Sup Forums I want to get a new tattoo and I need ideas. The stranger the better

Hey Sup Forums I want to get a new tattoo and I need ideas. The stranger the better

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2 chicks 1 cup

a hot chick taking a dump

a chick farting with a brown or green cloud

I feel like it’s been done before

Ok zoomer

Get "OP is a faggot" on your dick.

wut about something my 7 yr old drew?

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Get "Do Not Resuscitate" tattooed on your chest. Epic prank!

I kinda like the idea of having a bunch of meaningless symbols tattooed on me, but I also like the idea of having a completely unmarked body.
currently contemplating getting my first tattoo, which will be a side view of saturn (a circle with a line through it) on the side of my left index finger

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death is a common motif, though this one in particular is apparently related to russian prison gangs and could get you in trouble if the wrong person sees it.

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Don't get a tattoo on your finger, it won't stay. I had a lightsaber done on my index finger and it fell out within a year.

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here are some that ryan gosling's character had tattooed on him in the place beyond the pines (2012)

fun fact, DNR tattoos will be ignored by emergency personnel. the only time they wouldn't is if you had a recent document signed by you and a legal representative. at least that's what I gathered from reading about it.

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stuff that has detailed linework like this (and another that apparently exceeded the image limit) along with tattoos that have large masses of black will look like shit given enough time, they become a shapeless blob and all the detail dissolves.

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another death/skeleton one

is that just due to the amount of contact/friction our hands see in daily use or because the skin on our hands is different somehow? either way there are plenty of old russian dudes that had their hands covered in tattoos in prison.
what line of work are you in? that may have had something to do with it.

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here's another one that's just gonna look like a black blob in a few decades.

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They'll take you for a philosopher

You ever flog your log so much you chafed the chaplain and black eyed your berries?

four people thumb wrestling

an unpeeled banana

the first 30 words of Bohemian Rhapsody

dissected frog that looks like a pussy

a barrel of monkeys advertising for Honda

>have you ever "beaten" your "poop" so much you chafed the "funny" and "bruised" your "balls"?

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Pizza slice. Nipple as pepperoni

Get your mom and dad fucking on your forearm

anime, tattoo anime
>pic related
I'll tattoo my waifu somewhere near heart once I get the moth on my chest
also; you could do a variety of things
yog sothoth over your entire back
your belly button is a black hole
your asshole is a vortex
a fly and a mosquito on your hands
very simplistic lines or vectors on your palms, those degrade very fast but very simple shit can stay mostly clear with retouching required every 10 or so years
a big fish over your thighs (some guy in some porno had like a red koi in water, brilliant)
tattoo slayer in your forearm even if you don't listen to that basketfull of puppies
tattoo a bigass flying shrimp with eyes all over and a bigass halo over his head

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Tattoo Adidas on your penis.

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does that say boroto, fucking weebs

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