YLYL: gender edition

YLYL: gender edition

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Ok zoomer

Roll for 36


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is this christeeen.

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can't spell grape without rape

That's rude and gross. I always wait until she's done and finished wiping before I interrupt her pulling up her drawers with a rape.

>thinking they wipe

why did people screencap this, it is shit.

Probably Indian

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fun fact is: females can discriminate more different shades of red than males can.

Gay thread

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Ah yes, this picture wasn't funny until someone put their IG tag and a fucking dumb as shit caption under it.

Seriously, this board was never the pinnacle of human society, but I get the impression everyone here is a literal retard these days. What gives?

According to Consumer Reports a 1-foot square paper towel absorbs between 1/2 ounce and 2 1/2 ounces of fluid, a conservative estimate would be 2 ounces. A Bounty roll holds 44 paper towels, so a single roll can absorb 88 ounces, or 2.6 liters of water. Multiply that times a trillion and all the combined paper rolls could absorb 2.6 trillion liters of water. Now, Niagara falls average flow rate is 2400 cubic meters per second, rr 2,400,000 liters per second. That means all the paper towel rolls combined could be able to absorb the entire waterfall for 1083333 seconds, or 12 days, 55 minutes, 33 seconds, at which point they'll become a soggy mess weighing about 3 trillion kg, and having more or less the same volume. Enough volume to build 893 Hoover dams, or fill the entire reservoir 80 times to the brim.

So in other words, the paper towels actually would win?

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Yes. But I think that's assuming you take every single paper towel off the roll. I think there's less absorbtion if you just stick the whole roll in water

It would win, but only for few days. And, it won't stay at the same place but ends up in the lake.