Would you fuck it lads...

Would you fuck it lads? The girl is not exactly pretty and quite fat with the flattest ass in the world but i'm quite horny. What should I do?

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Tbh yes I would I’d eat the and rub my cock all over it. Do you have any pictures of it spread?

That's fucking disgusting dude. Here's what you do. Jerk off to some other porn. Then come back and look at these pics. You get horny again then bang away. If not. Lock that goddamn ogre up and let it starve to death. The fuck is wrong with you


There just the nudes she send me.

Kek, I'll try that later on. I've always want to cum in a girl and she said she is on a coil

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Dear god that looks like a post op vag

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We meet up but she was on her monthly. We was hugging and I reached down to feel her ass and my hands went more in than out.

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I mean, if you really need to bust a nut that badly.... But god that is one rough bitch

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Looks like she’s got warts. Stay away Sup Forumsro

hit it from the back, dont breathe in too much (i assume she stinks), and wear a condom.

That is not a girl. That is a troglodyte female in the wild.

I wouldn't but you should. Looks like warts tho.

she looks diseased and not even worth it to catch something.

lucky you OP, you get to cum inside a girl [citation needed] and get a free STD at the same time

A good assessment. One rough bitch.

don't do it have some dignity

Man I don't even know what to say. Been there OP but trust me, it gets better than that.

pussy is pussy. pound that shit.

Well... I can definitely make it to the end of NNN with this.