I found this in my spice cabinet, it expired in 1992. First dubs tells me what i do with it

I found this in my spice cabinet, it expired in 1992. First dubs tells me what i do with it

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fucking Sup Forums is turning my images

Throw it at the first person you see

Pour the whole thing into your ass with a funnel


aged herbs are good, eat them on food you make


put it on some pasta and eat it


Throw in trash can. Set trash can on fire.

i think like, thats true for like. 5-6 years. Not 27 years

rolling for this

Pour it in your asshole

Mix it on a blender, with 1 cup of water, then drink it all

ok, next dubs decide what food i make



Make a deep fried turd sandwich.

flour dumplings

Re roll

fried chicken

urine, feces, and egg stew.

diarrhea soup

Hurry up and stick it up your ass
We all know that’s why you are here u dirty little bum faggot

pee soup

Cum flavored meatballs

milksteak with jelly beans

dude, the dubs were already got. chill.

cum on a napkin

Either you are old (cool), or you live with your parents (not cool).
Which is it?


speaking of dubs: checked.
rolling for OP to cook cereal

isnt cooked cereal just oatmeal?

Rolling for cereal

Make spaghetti and a meatball, just one giant singular meatball

while you are correct I want OP to dump a bag of honey nut cheerios (or any other cereal) into a pot and cook it god damn it


snort it

Pb &J on toast

this is going to taste like shit


got it

ok give me like, 10 min

This is going to taste horrible.
Please post results.

deliver please

print a pic of gol d roger and fap to it

you've got eight NOW HURRY UP

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I will not chill
You will not tell me how to be

ok im back

its just season salt, if theres nothing living in it you could brob still eat it, though the green herbs have lost their flavor. open it up and take a look to start

u seriously
can't read?

toasted as requested

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you're a retarded faggot
go on


it turned brown and clumpy, i swear i had to bash this thing like 5 times before anything came out

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its fucking salt. its fine. that shit lasts forever.

bite taken and then spit back out immediately . Sandwich and spice discarded

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good job OP
good thread

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why such big bite

im not a puss

but what did it taste like?


How the fuck do you have food this old? Have you never cleaned out your kitchen?

the texture was the worse thing. It was like biting into a sandwich i dropped in the sand. It tasted like wood flakes

it was just a spice that wasnt used that much, and then it gradually got shifted to the back of the cabinet and forgotten about until i was looking for something

ty OP

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More bites must be taken. The spice dubs commands it.

Spaghetti and pan fried chicken.

1992 was a good year for me. Eat it OP.

also i just noticed i made it back with 12 seconds to spare

its already trashed

props for actually doing it
great job op

My bad, you did eat some. Enjoy that botulism.

all OPs should be like this OP. absolutely fucking incredible, even got it down to the right timing. godspeed user.

Please post pic of it in the trash.

Well op delivered so I shouldn't complain but I feel like he could have eaten more