Fire fighter here, share your stories

Fire fighter here, share your stories

Also ama if it applies to the topic

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If you live anywhere that isn't Australia you're playing fire fighter on ez-mode uwot?

be me, be firefighter. List it as job on tinder. Drown in pussy for 1 night stands. Cant find a woman that aint a hoe :( fml

USA is pretty wild,maybe not exactly my experiences but in the grand scheme of things we have some of the largest wildland fires that exist (up until the relatively recent ring forest fires of the last 5 or 10 years).

Almost all residential housing is built with flammable material also, so I'm going to respectfully disagree entirely

Rain Forrest. Oops

A few of my buddies deff swim in puss

Nah see any fires you have in the USA are still Australian fires; we sold you a bunch of trees that take 100 years and more to fully mature, are insanely flammable, and the leaves of which turn your animals into stoners.

So in a's still our fire.

Honestly, I'm really not sure what you're even talking about

finishing paramedic school, then heading to academy right after. Wish me luck OP.

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I hope you do well bud, I'm not a paramedic, that's kind of raining in a way I don't want to be directly responsible for somebody's life or death, at least as far as firefighting's concern I can help the chances of somebody survival rather than them depending on me for it, if that makes sense

Back around 1920-ish, California (I think it was them, not 100% on the state) bought a fuckton of Eucalyptus trees from Australia without knowing that species of tree took over 100 years to fully mature, and the oil/sap in the tree and its leaves is both highly flammable and contains a potent THC-like compound.

Our Koala's are all perpetually stoned cause of it.

But them buying those trees led to some of the worst bushfires in the USA.

thanks man. always liked medicine. in my area all firefighters need to be at least EMT's so they don't have a choice in responding to medical calls.

get a real job faggot

There's only two paid apartments in my area and both of them require a minimum of EMT

how difficult is it to become one

firefighters are nothing special and if you want to become one just because you want to feel special or to help you get pussy, it will work, but you'll still be a faggot.

how about grow the fuck up and fix the problem, then you can live the same kind of life with a little dignity.

I'm confused about your level of butthurt friendo, I never claimed to be special I asked for stories from people who do the same thing I do or questions from people who don't

>be posted up at 10PM
>hear fireworks close
>get a call for a gunshot wound right around the corner
>fireworks are actually gun shots
>head to bar where two are shot
>my guy is shot in the face and chest
>vomit and blood all over my rig
>full send to trauma center
>just another day in the hood

Usually getting into a municipality or a city requires a civil service test, so while it's not that hard to do the likelihood of you finishing higher in the test scores than all of the competition is extremely low.

being a volunteer is almost guaranteed unless you fuck something up or you have an ongoing medical condition that interferes with your ability to perform the task. Then the hardest part at that rate is finding classes

I bet a firefighter fucked his mom or something don't worry about it.

There's an ongoing joke pretty similar to that in my area, we are in the rust belt that used to be a really decent place and it's going downhill pretty rapidly, every single summer tons of reports of "gunshots or fireworks"

I fucked his gf and I am a firebro, that why he such a salty sally

Firechad detected

What is the best way to go about if I wanted to become one?