New celeb for thread in bed

New celeb for thread in bed

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Nice tan.

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MMMMMMMMMM, mmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmm god yes mmmmmmmm fuk yea


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Nice shoes.

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mmm god yes, totally gets me goin

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What? They're really nice... I've never been able to enjoy red hair much though :c I don't know why.

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Will someone post the VJ blowjob video?

the what now

Never noticed how sexy your feet are


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I am here if you want.

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I thought he wasn't going to sperg anymore?

I don't have too many feet pics of her, sorry user

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It's like an itch a think. He just had to give it a quick scratch

He really does need mental help.

lol this

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Everyone sitting in the gay cyber celeb threads needs some help.

Definitely. But him especially.

No worries, im sure her pits are amazing too~

Stones in glass houses tbh


Hes fucked.

If you say so.

I do.

Long as I'm posting Carly means I'm awake and this remains true.

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Not everyone sitting in the gay cuber celeb threads is spending years breaking global rules ruining the community for everyone else.


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Protecting the community tbh. You sound like a blog poster.

As someone who likes pits, I wouldn't say so :( idk, she's too thin, or something..

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3 10/10s

And her pits are still pretty nice. Would worship

Wish this set existed in higher res tbh

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Almost quad :< u still having a good night?

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Yeah let me write up a blog post about why I push away my friends because I'm fucked in the head and how much I hate where I work because of my back and how much I want a gf because of how lonely and sad I am. I bet that would REALLY improve this place.

You want to talk about? I'm happy to lend an ear.

ass and titties
ass and titties
ass and titties
and big booty bitches

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I am :p Pretty tired now though so I may head to bed early tonight, idk yet..
You doing ok?

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Delusions and ignorance.

I'm okay :> Going to bed early you must be getting old >:>... Sometimes it's good to get some sleep though especially a nice cozy time of year like this. Until you do go I'll be happy to talk about anything id you want. I know normally we just call each other qts :p

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>ITT: Gays of our lives.

lol I only turned 22 this year, I don't think I'd say I'm old yet..
I have a few things to take care of early in the morning so it's probably best of I head to bed soon :p Appreciate the offer though, I'll keep it in mind next time I see you around

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Goodnight qt :> sweet dreams

Nicee one Elon...

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Dear god her pits are so fucking sexy

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lol. drunk tay

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Its from when she got her wisdom teeth out isnt it?

Super nice

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That would also make sense. I don't know.

Not trying to correct you I just remember her mom posting some vids of it.

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forgive me for i am about to sin

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>pagesix dot kom/2019/11/16/victorias-secret-angels-might-go-extinct-insiders-say
>For the first time since 1995, VS won’t be staging its annual fashion show
Babsanon is to blame?

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I think it was Elon Musky

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Ambrosio retiring killed it, clearly

RIP VS show

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>tfw no sexy Karlie Kloss in the VS show this year
its over for me anons :'

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Super hot!

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Who is this Bulgarian porn star?

whats up buddy

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Johnny T Sins

anyone know who is this?

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Looks kinda like Jolie tbh

Tired, maintaining my stoic vigil over the late night celeb threads.

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Who u

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must be hard work

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Babs makes me.......
Touch Myself.......

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VS didn't want Men posing as Women to ruin their brand

It's an honest living.
You'll go blind user.

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Need someone to tie your hands down?

Fuck off babs


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God damn. This photo makes me feel things I shouldn't...

its in a folder of lauren russell but dosnt look like that

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what might have been. She's a bit past her prime now. Oh well.