Why did she just disappear all of a sudden? She used to have loads of tease pics, then nothing

Why did she just disappear all of a sudden? She used to have loads of tease pics, then nothing

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Her brother used to post here also

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lol I bet he saw all the nudes then

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Did they sink her singing career?

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claire od'd on attention

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>that kids face

Best day of his life

Were the nudes ever confirmed as her? I only saw a preview

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>that one on the bottom right cheeky

100 percent confirmed yeah it's her

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Was this the chick that would make out with her brother?

No, she was a YouTube singer

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famous for boobs

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dissappared after her nudes leaked everywhere

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She also deleted her YTube vids a while back.

she fucked dan then the nude leak pushed her over the edge

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allegedly 16 when she did it

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She dmca'd the nudes pretty thoroughly

they're super easy to find all these prime claire pics make this feel like years ago

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>those tease pic threads

Whats her last name or what do I google to find them

this is the way she edited the picture before they were leaked. there is no uncovered version.


she edited them? and there is

Wanna bet....

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Claire Abbott

thank you. you fell for my plan to get someone to post it. :)

Isn't she 16 in this? Not that I'm complaining, what a body


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always wondered who these were for


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>fake tits

If they'd leaked today she could of just rolled with it into an overpriced Patreon tease career making bank. Instead she felt the shame of slut.

such a shame

Birthday cake

imgur Sup Forumszkz2KXE

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Christ she's gorgeous. Where's she from?

xhamster dot com slash photos slash gallery slash celebrity-claire-abbott-9932664

Absolute hero

She got fat

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she discovered, like Bregoli, that a pair of nice tits will only get you so far.

Holy fucken shit, that’s not really her is it?????

Why is there 2 of them?

Look at the guy in white shirt behind the chad

Who’s the awesome alpha-as-fuck dude???