Kissless virgin girl in her twenties

>Kissless virgin girl in her twenties
>Not drop dead gorgeous but people do find me attractive

I don't want to waist my life on dating someone I'm not gonna share my future with, but without dating I can't find a right person.

What am i supposed to do? Where can I find a guy with a desire to settle down and have a family?

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lol me?

you'd probably have better judgement if you dated a few guys.

>waist my life
ugh, that's why.

no way around it. gotta date.

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Disregarding the typo..
The odds of you jumping the line without dating aren't in your favor.
Why do you want to be in a relationship anyways?
If you're looking for companionship then try to cultivate really close friendships. I've found them to be much safer and much less of a hassle.

Depends on your country and the way people meet there. How is the culture? It's noble you want to find the "right" one and not waste your time but there's no guarantee in love and partners.

Just socialize alot. You dont need to date. Join clubs with your interests for instance. Its a slower process, but youll probably click with someone sooner or later.

>people do find me attractive

post a pic of your face so we can gauge what we are working with here

I bet you have a big waist. Lmfao dumb bitch learn proper English.

You need to keep dating. How else are you going to find the right guy for you?

I do have friends, but it's not the same as having your own family, be a wife and mother.

How old are you?

I know exactly how you feel and I'm in the same boat. But I figure when I decide to settle down and get married with some girl I'm just gonna treat her nicely and if she's a undeserving bitch then I'm gonna kick her out and live my life in solitude without looking for a new girl. And if I happen to meet someone by chance then so be it.

It's so scary to open your heart to someone later to just be let down by them. I also don't really want to share my body with some fuckboy. I know how dumb it may sound, but I just want one man in my life.

Yep I know how you feel. Like I said I'm in the same boat. 26 but I don't consider myself an incel cause I've turned girls down before I'm just really picky. I want someone I can talk with and someone who I'll enjoy being around. Be silly dorks and enjoy eachother. Don't wanna get a gf just to have a gf.


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>Where can I find a guy with a desire to settle down and have a family?
They're really not hard to find. But if you're setting your sights on someone who's even close to Steve McQueen-tier, you're gonna be disappointed.

Where are you from?

tits or gtfo

Dating is practice for future relationships.

Easy, just kys

As long as potential kids don't get bullied for looks , I'm ok

Europe. You?

Same, wanna talk on kik? Add me. Maybe we have lots in common. Marko29012

as a guy in his twenties that started dating only this year i can say you are not going to strike gold on your first attempt. If you don't want to have sex without absolute commitment you are going to have allot of trouble finding someone. think about it like this, most guys can get sex after like the third date, so if you don't want that they will get impatient and leave, and i can get how that feels to you. But not all guys are like that, a small number is different, the question is if they are attractive to you. A man that is willing to wait long probably is desperate or religious or also a virgin. These traits can be a turn off for many women. So the question is, are you willing to take a risk on someone not being there forever after you have sex with them or are you willing to take the risk of being with someone unattractive to you or being alone?

Are you sure you are even into guys? I mean are you really sure?

Cause you clearly have either unreasonable standards for a guy, or you are a gay.

Lol ok, that's certainly not a high bar to set. Good luck in your endeavors.

Where are you from op?

First thing I'd do is lose weight so you have a nice lean and trim body, unless you're already there. 70% of looks is just being at least skinny fat as a girl. Keep your hair clean/normal and shit, maybe a little makeup and you're good. You wanna maximize your looks to attract as many guys as you can obviously.

I'm 23 would love to settle down even if its early, but haven't found the right girl. I'm good looking, smart and athletic but I'm just picky too. They need to have a good personality and looks. I also account for say athletic ability because I was 6 super star kids.

Advice from a guys perspective: I'd maybe avoid tinder. I have great friends who are on there though, so if you try them maybe try swiping on uglier guys? I think my friends are good looking but they aren't in the top 20% of guys so they don't get matches because they are picky too. Join clubs and other social events. Ask family and friends, they might know a good guy. Don't sleep with him for a few months at least. This is a double edge sword. Most guys wanna tap it and ghost you. Other guys, like me, get more caught up in a girl if you fuck me and more likely to date you. I'm a rare breed though, so I'd abstain. Avoid niggers obviously, always bad news there.

Do you have a discord?

21 y/o here. Me and the ex were together 5 years thought we’d get married all that bullshit. We started fighting too much and broke up. You need some experience for your future relationships to work out. Especially if you want to find someone you really like. Start thinking more rationally.

>Kissless virgin
>people do find me attractive
>I don't want to waist my life
>waist my life
>waist're fat aren't you?

You're fucking retarded

Yep Marko#2712

As long as he has a good personality and is a kind person in general, I'll take the risk.

Sadly nope, I think guys like chubby girls and see them as a wife material.

>>waist my life
>ugh, that's why.
right first this I noticed as well.

Nicee one Elon...

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nah, guys with chubby girls often cant get anyone else so they stick with them for as long as possible out of fear of being alone

Sure, I'll be your boyfriend if you don't mind all my animals

I agree, I don't think dating apps are good place to look for a future partner.

They're not the best but could be part of a good mix. May work out even better for girls if you use it right maybe tougher for men.

Came here to say this. You'd be amazed how much this matters.

Being bad at spelling or being fat?

If the first one, then yeah, I'm dumb, if the second I have no problems there.

ill be your bf if you sleep call with me

Spelling. You can be dumb, but you need to be much better at hiding it. Nobody wants a dumbo.

You mean there are no points for authenticity

You need to date an older guy who has had experience if you want to settle down faster, otherwise you might hve to go through a few douchebags before you find the right one.

>all these permavirgins criticizing OP for a misspelled word
Have sex, dweebs

Huge points, but being a dummy is a really hard sell.
Thing is, it's more about effort than intelligence. Assuming you can read, you KNOW how to spell it right. There is no excuse to spell it wrong. You didn't spell it wrong because you didn't know better, but because you either didn't care, or couldn't be bothered. Both are absolute poison. It reflects insanely badly on your character, far beyond any plusses for authenticity.

>you KNOW how to spell it right

You have too much faith in me

>uses "dweebs" unironically
>calls us permavirgins

What's fun is watching a bunch of lonely, desperate anons who've never seen a vagina irl giving relationship advice.

So many thirsty boys.