ITT: Poorly describe vidya; anons guess

ITT: Poorly describe vidya; anons guess.

>Can't jump.
>Kill Hitler.

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Bionic commando

>be goat
>that is all

Goat Simulator

>dildo sword
>you are president

>run around in circles
>enemies everywhere
>purple janitor
>a rock

Duke Nukem?

Guitar hero aerosmith


Saints Row IV

useless faggot stuck on an island, everything makes me piss my pants, still fuck the hot native somehow

Absolutely, but no.

>literally kill gods
>get oneshot by some random mobs

Final Fantasy X

Far Cry 3

nope, older

nope, older

obviously sniper elite

fuck. i cant think of the name but im sure LGR did a video on it

god of war?



How has nobody said Wolfenstein?

Anyway, here you go with your hint; Mulatto Martian Antifa

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Everything dark and cartoonish, also twisted

Forgot to Green text


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>game has a town named after the advice you might give a Caucasian in the ghetto

Nope, older


Castle Wolfenstein or Bionic Commando


doom wtf it's obvious

>feed an old man some fish
>also some other shit happens

>one water pump for all city

>you kill birds

Wake up next to old man. Go outside.

Nope, way too recent. You have to go back in time a lot


Fallout new vegas


Sim city

>shoot some people including hostages
>You have sustained a lethal injury. Sorry, but you are finished here.

>colorful ghosts can kill you

I'd this Pacman? This would be very easy if it is


Is this Pacman? This would be very easy if it is

Strangely no one got this last thread
>Go to spooky residence
>Look for person missing in said residence
>perhaps defeat/suck off some evil on the way

This duckhunt

Luigi's Mansion

Ding ding


Baffles me how couldn't anybody guess it

Nicee one Elon...

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>Run around castle
>Drink some potion
>Get cut in half or lose grip and fall to your death

>inherit mansion
>have to cleanse it of corruption

American McGee's Alice?

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>Explore different planets
>Purge the wildlife
>Kill dragon
>Kill brain

Your lazy ass doesn’t feed your cat, it ruins your day at the fair.

Man of Medan

Well in the previous thread i worded it a tad different
I think i said something along the lines of
>Explore spooky house, an evil residence even
And aside from the "suck off evil" bit i put in its pretty much at least the first resident evil

Wow, didn't remember this one, but no. Older

>Sleepy boi
>become amateur chef
>get cold
>falling with style
>climb inside elephant

Nah it's an older game


Original prince of persia?

Hahahaha, Breath of the wild?


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Yea man

>worst video game announcer of all time

>ships and mechas
>Earth vs moon
>Electronic music

>be god
>raze enemy civilization

E.T. ?

Nope, that's just the worst game of all time

>climb big people
>Kill them
>Become big person
>Get killed


NHL 19. Doc emmerick sucks so bad

Not familiar with that one but I had something else in mind

pokemon sw/sh

Lester the unlikely

Final fantasy 3 English snes

You got it


>Make people shiny
>Shoot guns
>Fight others over gravelpits

>Climb blocks, get chicks


Going to sleep, so I'll tell
is Jersey devil
is shallow of the Colossus



Doc is the best. You shut your whore mouth.



>Spread gun is best.


Which one?

>in space
>make friends

Red Faction Guerilla

Conker's bad fur day

Fallout 3

Luigi's Mansion

Chrono Trigger