Random shit you saved

Random shit you saved.

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Praise the Lord that you saved this. We needed this. The internet is vastly better with this. What a plus. There's no better plus. You've really hooked us up. lol I would say this is the exact reason why we need a variety of voices in the human conversation. Thanks for chiming in here. This is great. lol Based. I would contribute materials but I'm too lazy. I don't want to hunt for a file. That's work and work is the most awful thing you could imagine. I choose to remain a regressive being that, above all things, does not challenge current energy expenditure levels. That's not what I want. Not at all. lol

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Seems somehow appropriate. Saved

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I love that Lye + Water somehow equals "Lime Water"

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I like dis

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i keep seeing this text
anyone can translate?

Humans can't translate it, it's an alien language

some sort of runes

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classic thread

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kinda relate

sandy was really scared so she asked patrick to come over. unfortunately patrick doesn't know how to raise children but spongebob is smarter than patrick. patrick lifes offa welfare

johnny bravo

the ac seems to be bit of a sexist

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Glorious Pull Wipe Master Race

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lol stupid trumptard

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That was a design flaw in the holster. Not user error. But hey you're a dem so you'll jump to conclusions without looking into things

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This makes me want to commit toaster in bath, fucking faggots

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Why do you give a fuck about what faggots are doing behind closed doors?

wow that was really disturbing can people die from that ?

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I am groot

what the...

Go back to reddìt

Hmmmm...who think was him...?!

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How do this chart works?

dont kill mom

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I've seen this sex ed video.

grey blocks are ingredients draw line horizontal and vertical from 2 grey blocks where the lines meet you have a result now go and enjoy your cooking

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Very nice, gonna try out after work, thanks m8

I'll pay anyone $5 to share this dead cock somewhere. Doubt anyone will do it. I can only pay the first 5 people though I'm not rich.

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Vote Trump 2020!

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>cowboy hat
>automatic "Trumptard"

This video is from before Trump was even mentioned for president. You retards are beyond brainwashed.

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true story, my uncle did this and walked with a limp for the rest of his life

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what did just happen there?

he lost his watch you fucking nigger

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most awesome baby pic ever.

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