Hmm, nice hiss

Hmm, nice hiss

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Bump. I need more Steve plz

I just entered to see if anyone was disrespecting Steve.

Don't disrespect Steve.

>you will never make 4 grand a month eating petrified rat shit and botulism out of a rusty can
Why even live?

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I think he's a good content producer. He should be successful.

I love that someone made a thread on kiwi farms to dox steve and everyone was like "fuck you, don't be mean to steve".

steven is what an American SHOULD be

Alright. Lets get this onto a tray. Nice.

Why would anyone want to doxx him tho. He's wholesome

hope you like the video

i'll be coming back at you with something new

or old


see ya

>*Hand shaking*


Steve is the Bob Ross of rancid shit



Let's get this out onto a tray

Is there really a genuinely bad thing you can say about Steve?


only one, that when he goes silent on Youtube, i get worried he ended up dying and we won't ever get a new video.

Every time he posts a new vid, I breathe a sigh of relief that he hasn't ended up dead yet.

he secretly forces his retarded sister to tastes the mre's off camera before he does (srs)

Heyy!...nice Elon

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Lets get this out onto a tray...

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Love Steven's channel

He doesnt need to be doxxed. You can just google his name and his address pops up, also steve is the nicest guy ive ever seen on youtube. He needs to be on First We Feast Hot Ones!