Wondering what Sup Forums thinks about my ass

wondering what Sup Forums thinks about my ass

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would poke with penis


Sexy fat ass more please

Can't be sure off one pic

you’re correct

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Think you're a turbofag OP

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thong draped on pinky for proof?

Asshole pics please

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Still want those panties stuffed in your pussy.....

I wanna see that ass spread to see both holes

hot n ready
it’s all fun and games until they ask you to pull out the flip flops and sharpies

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Do you like to be rimmed

holy shit, I'm in love


Txt me?

Holy shit that's gross dude

lmao fuck off, girls spreading their buttholes are braver than U.S marines

I love that ass, but what those tits do?

I do and I like giving rimjobs as well
rimjobs, that’s my only kink
>but really the only things I don’t like are scat or anything dealing with intense pain (hooks, extreme bondage, etc)

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>what those tits do?
absolutely nothing

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I bet if I impregnated you, they'd swell up real nice and do something.

I’d squirt milk in your mouth from across the room, cowboy

what do you think about being choked?

Now I wanna see those legs spread on your back

yeehaw, cowgirl that sounds like my type of rodeo.

I love them! You're super hot Also fire tat.

>No tits
>Hairy pussy
>Dirty ass
It's like you were designed specifically in a lab to make my penis flaccid

Its all fun and games until you get a cow nose ring with those wide hips.

Then it's breeding season

Once we had rules
>timestamp and tits

Write whore across your face like this

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Nice scrunchi


you're gorgeous, what brings you here?

being choked get an A in my book
here’s two birds with one stone
don’t threaten me with a good time

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spread pussy?

>rock hard.exe

>good time
Its not a threat, its a promise.

thx I have so many colors
girls just wanna have fun(:

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I would pound that ass day and night

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cum tribute?

Those holes need to get knotted

Looks delicious. Hope you are bi :-*

While your taking requests, can you grab ur ankles from behind while standing up :)


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like butter
....a pinky promise? :3c
>cum tribute?
NNN didn’t go to well eh boys?

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you take anything in your butt? fuck I wanna see some holes filled

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Damn, don't want to chat?

I would rim your magnificent asshole, then softly push my dick into your juicy pussy while using one hand to choke you and the other one to play with your boobs

Got a twitter?

More than a pinky you are making me get hard at work

I would spread those legs and fuck you raw until your are a sticky gooey sensitive mess, and then plug that asshole before round two


Nicee one Elon...

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>take anything in your butt?
I’m blushing (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)

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Just wanna facefuck you and use your mouth as a pussy while playing with that plug and your clit

Damn girl you so hot

Tell me you have a discord or twitter or something

Can stretch out your little ass with my fat cock?

Can you fist your own pussy?

Please have some sort of outlet we can find you on.

Pls post asshole close ups?

And checked.

>at work
naughty! anything I can do to make your cock start leaking?
ooo maybe ;-; my ass can only handle so much cock

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Jesus, mind sitting on my face with that ass of yours? Your pussy looks like it'd leak for hours.

Asshole gape?

different user here, fuck NNN youve got me raging hard and stroking

Show off those hips, with implications or insertion or impregnation.

Ive been thonking about wide hipped women recentlty, ans you are nit helping me standing in a room ful with of people

Dont beat around the Bush, you know what we want.

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how much cock can your ass handle?

Would love to let you rim my ass then cum in your mouth

I mean ruining your asshole is the plan so let me stretch it out to fit me perfectly like a good little fucktoy

Me rn

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I fuck like a bunny
>which reminds me
what can I say other than cum for me user!
>in a room full of people
>music to my ears
what are you wearing? can anyone see your hard on, user?

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Do you fucking idiots understand that this is a dude?

pls refer to my time stamp thx user

Theres a timestamp dumbass

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Cordory pants and zipup flecee.

Currently covering chub bulge, and i feel the wetness wt the tip...and the cold from the fabic cooling cause it is cold out. Also, i wanna breed the bunny.

Near a bunch of dudes, so no noticing. More hiding phone perspective from everyone.

Ass gape?

Holy fuck, you can bounce on my dick like a bunny too. Love a girl who dresses like that, you ever let someone fuck you with that in?

IMO there’s nothing better than creaming your pants in a room full of strangers
If you can keep it together, that is.
why do you think I bought it?

i love your ass. please post to b a lot.

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You ever go on Omegle or Chatroullette? Swear I recognise you. This this be, for reference

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Got any vid of you fucking in it? Im dying to see you get plowed like the slutty buny you are.

Whats your thought on dildos like this, orally, anally, and vaginally in both your holes or a girlfriends

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i plan on it, im leaking. wishing i could fill your perfect holes and breed your thick bunny ass

That i can do, at least controlling the cream. Bulge is another story especially when i walk through the more genter mixed areas

More of your body plz

God, small tits are the best.

Can we get at it squeeze?

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve put in your pussy?
Looks delicious btw

Can you get a nose ring like a cow?

You sir have a nice ass

Not bad, but not great either to be honest.

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More pics pls OP!
Just whatever you want : )

I plan to(:
nah man sorry
bf and I plan to take vids and pics moooooo
Thanks dad :)

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where are you going to post them?

for real. i need to see more. make a reddit, or discord, or something. fucking amazing body. and you like buttstuff, and i eat ass so thats even better

there’s almost nothing to squeeze so I resort to nipple play
>c’est la vie

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Can you put the ring in for your fan stuck at work? Cause i wanna make you moo

Also, does written smut turn you on, porn pics, or.caption porn?

Time to get breast pumps to titty torture while on the dildo seat exercise bike