So Im thinking about becoming a sissy. Post captions and tell me what to do...

so Im thinking about becoming a sissy. Post captions and tell me what to do. I will buy the first 5 outfits and toys that are suggested. Also general sissy thread.

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What kind of budget do you have? I mean, you're a fag ass sissy, which probably means you probably don't have much money, so I'd feel somewhat guilty about posting stuff up that you can't afford, further complicating things by making you a liar piece of shit.

moderate budget, nothing crazy expensive plz.

Well a cock cage and panties first off

which ones?

lol I purged my sissy strash and literally just bought lingerie today

check out yandy dot com,

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so niggers wanna fuck white boys? Are all niggers gay?

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what is it?

Being a sissy looks so hot
I wish I had a sissy gf that would turn me into a sissy too

My gf watches these.


Sauce on vid?

idk but its easy to find its just kinda boring




pretty sure 2 of them are shiri and natalie mars

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you are correct

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hot as fuck

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why do these make me want to be in her role? I always thought I was a dom.

Lets see that body. Wanna know if this is worth the time.

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Same here

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There is this thing called hydrogen peroxide, makes you look more sexy
Chugging down 1L should be enough

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Jesus Christ, what faggotry.

nah im just gonna look like a skinny man. that's why I said become a sissy

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Keep yourself nice n smooth?

Read what I was replying to, by the time I shave this thread will be gone. im not gonna post my body.



Someone please tie me up and use me

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Here the cons.
1. They are guys.
2. They look ugly compared to girls
3. They are guys
4. They have dicks
5. They are guys
6. They are mentally ill
7. They are guys
8. Yes they are whores, attention whores
9. They are guys.
10. They have no pussy.

most of those are actually pros tho

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Where are all the amateur sissies at? Grab your gf's underwear and go to town.

OP is fucking faggot

I like these. They make me want to become a sissy so bad but I need someone to dominate me to help me get fully committed.

Why not try becoming a sissy first then find a Dom later. Plenty of people willing to own your ass if you're up for it.

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cuck porn is too wierd and political now

used to just be "lol some dude fucked your wife" but now its "THE SHADOW GOVERNEMNT IS RUN BY JEWS AND THEY WANT YOU TO PUT BLACK DICKS INTO YOUR RECTUM!"

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you only need rope.

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There are so many emotions that run through you the first time. Mostly shame from loving it so much.

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That's hot AF

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Name of the girl?

She's so hot

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add poppers to your shopping list slut

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I was changed forever

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Question for you and others with poppers experience. Do you have issues with your sinuses & congestion for days after use? Seems to happen to me every time. After use I will cough more frequently and especially when smoking. A lot less so beforehand.

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The real look of shame. I was fucked and covered in cum from a stranger. He treated me like a piece of meat. And I still think of it.

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