I keep trying to get rid of these plantar warts on my feet but they keep coming back...

I keep trying to get rid of these plantar warts on my feet but they keep coming back. How do you get rid of extremely stubborn plantar warts?

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No bullshit of a lie, i put a small bit of banana peel over it for a few hours a day and it went away

have to get your body to recognize it is foreign

usually this means try to do it yourself, fucking up so bad your immune system has to clean up your mess

unless you are immune compromised just keep trying and eventually it will go away, just dont ignore it

Dis. Also go get them frozen off

Tweezers and a fresh razor blade. Cut all the way around it. It shouldn’t hurt until you get as deep as you can around the root and then use a pliers to rip out the root. It’ll bleed only at the very end and then a bunch after the root is pulled. Did it myself after the doctor fucked up cutting it out himself and it came back.

Be a man and use a fucking chisel.

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- go to a podiatrist
- use air duster can turned upside down to freeze them
- be a man and use a pumice stone (wont get rid of the "root" of the wart for those big ass deep ones so they'll come back)
- suffocate them with gorilla tape for a month

Jesus just throw your fucking foot away man damn

When i was a child i had problems w them for several years. I tried everything..

The final solution was an ice stick. Freeze your warts until it hurts a bit. Then use a „Hornhautraspel“ to chip parts of the warts

Hornhautraspel is german. I am lazy. Google the translation by yourself

>thinks typing the full german word is easier than just saying "scraper"
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Cryotherapy. You can buy at home freezing kits that use a superfreeze aerosol to ice an applicator and freeze off layers of warts and skin.

For best results, cut the dead growth parts of the warts down until you expose the root and then use the freeze applicator 2-3 times a night.

Hornhautraspel = callus


For a german it is motherfucker :-)

I had these in highschool. They went away days after summer break started. I think they were stress induced. You doin alright in life, OP?

there most definitely not "stressed" induced. Plantar warts are spread by HPV (human papillomavirus) I got them years ago when I was younger but they never went away. Only got worse. Used a lot of home treatment methods like duct tape, anti-freeze, pumice stones etc. I've been to numerous skin doctors as well who only insist on freezing the warts even though they come right back. I'm thinking I need to go to a skin specialist of some kind.

I need to find the solution to this. I think my immune system is used to the warts now.

>thinks translating into a foreign language is easier than just saying it
literally autism

I had plantar warts as a kid.
The doctor tried to cut it away and freeze it to death. Neither worked. Eventually we just gave up, and then it cured itself within a year or so.
So I guess my advice is to just relax and not worry so much about it.

I did this for three small ones. Facial hair scissors and tweezers were my tools. Took me about three hours of digging and scraping. Recovery was two weeks of having a sore foot and they never came back.

I wouldn't necessarily recommend it because you could cause damage or infection but do what you gotta do to get rid of em dude

just garlic piece on it for 24h, they will disappear in 2 weeks

My dad made some kind of a paste that I applied then put a bandaid and a sock over it at night, I had them for legit over a year before he made me that paste.

Unfortunately I don't know what the fuck the paste was

I've heard lightly sandpaper them, then put duct tape over them.
It exposes them but the tape cuts them off from 'breathing'. Apparently you do this for a couple weeks and they wither away.

Noob question, do they hurt?

dermatologyst can use liquid nitrogen to burn it off
painfull but worked for me
see a doc


Do you have an immune deficiency? The kid in this video is an extreme case and they found out she was sick af.

paste and stuff didn't work with mine
had one mean bugger on my thumb

took a knife cut it out deeply with root (or whatever it was) until there was only normal flesh

healed over
nothing except a scar is left

feet are are very different thing though .. way too sensitive

Just cut the whole foot off.

>cut your own feet with a razor blade because doctor is too expensive

I laugh at Americans.

Your immune system sucks
Go to bed early
Drink more water
And take the host defense brand mushroom tincture stamets 7
I'm not joking
Organo oil works too but it tastes horrible

holy shit poor kid.
im assuming they fixed her later. i cant imagine living with shit like that on my foot

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Can you read? He clearly just said it was because the doctor is incompetent, which is pretty true with alot of them

Use the over the counter freezing shit

lol i had this but on one of my fingers wtf? anyway from time to time i used to cut it out as much as i could with a nail clipper then they went away

Want smething natural? Organic? Known to work through personal experience?
Sow thistle milk. Break off a piece and smear the juice on the wart. Every day until gone.

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Youre gonna need to break the gypsy magick for these fuckers. Google it. You like take a potato and rub it on the warts, say the magick phrase, bury it in the backyard during a full moon or something along those lines i forgot.

Get better fitting shoes. Sometimes these fuckers can come with not well fitted shoes.

Go out running barefoot on the street, seriously that's what did it for me. My roommates at the time were really into that stupid book about how humans should run barefoot and I joined them a few times when I was drunk.

Fun fact... Many home freezing kits use propane as their cryo gas... Smoker beware...

You need a mom or girlfriend to pick at it constantly

Had 1 when i was a kid. Huge on my heel. My mom would put this acid ointment on it every night and dig at it. After like a week she dug it out. Huge hole in my heel. I got lucky never came back.

solderin iron, obviously.

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All of these advice are shit, soak a cottonpad in apple cider vinegar, keep it for like 10 min maybe, do that daily or so and also file it down after the shower with a foot/nail file

Had one on my foot, froze it a bunch of times until the skin peeled away and the root was showing. Was super sensitive to touch, idk if it was on a nerve, I got a tweezer and pulled it out. Hurt like shot and my foot was really tender for a few days after, but it never came back

I did the same and it works. I wrapped my foot up in duck tape for 2 weeks. Constantly applying duct tape. It makes the skin soft and sandable.
I used a pummacing stone to sand my skin down to when it was about to start bleeding. Then you start to go to town with tweezers and scissors trying to scrape out anything that looks like a black seed. YOu need rubbing alchohol on hand btw so you dont get infected. Doctors are fuckups who just want your entry money.

What's the deal with the black seed? Is that like the core or nucleus that gives it power and makes it strong?

Burning with laser helped me

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vegan diet. fixed my back problems and allergy issues. also felt young again. I eat meat again but plan to do a vegen cleanse about 2 months out of each year going forward. also just eating lots of fruits and veggies.

protip: nothing good in life is easy, ...learn to make ur own food.

Not all bodies can fight everything.

pool, showers, spending time around people

Guy I lived with used to put apple cider vinegar on the floor of our shower every morning, I didn't know he was doing it until he told me, and it got rid of all my warts in about a month or 2 and they have not come back. Just standing on the stuff every morning in the shower was enough to kill warts I'd had on my feet for about 4 years

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I had them BAD as a teen. About 50 on my left foot and close to 100 on my right. It took years of testing by my podiatrist and I and none of the traditional methods work (my immune system was very good back then). Freezing, grinding, drying, suffocating, none of it worked. He then found some medicine that had to be pushed INSIDE the wart with a needle and injected into it. Had to numb the whole foot first. He did three treatments. A few days after the 1st, I woke up and found 50% of the warts had fallen off in my sleep. 2nd got 45% more. 3rd took care of last 5%.
Ask a podiatrist about this kind of treatment. Might be good for you if they are really stubborn.

Black salve paste? Or maybe bloodroot paste? Sound familiar?

oke I know what to do.
It will be painful und disgusting but if you dont go to a doctor, youll have to do it yourself.
1st of all, get yourself a sodium solution or bleach idgaf, something that cleans wounds.
2nd, get something similar to a scalpel. cut that shit off, peel it out of your skin, reapply the solution and use creams to regenerate your skin. It shouldnt come back if you keep your wound clean.

Soldering iron, but have a Dr do it. That's what I had to do to get rid of the warts on my fingers

Man I have never had this issue but you should really thank the dr that fixed you.
Seems like this is a big problem in the states and bc of your health care system, very few doctors care to find a fix unless they care, which your doctor did. A very rare breed. You got lucky.

Had these on toes and hands as a teen and stuck around into 20s

Totally an immune system thing for me

Had them frozen, scraped, the over the counter ointments and bandaids with the black crap. Nothing really worked

I got to just maintaining them with nail clippers to keep them small. Used betadine to make sure not to get infections/spread them

Then one day they just didn’t grow back. Just have a few scars

My wife got one, she made a poultice from crushed up vitamin c + water and just smeared it on and put a bandaid over the top. Reapplies daily. It fell off within a few days

Go figure

Had the same sort of thing happen to me, except my Dr gave me some cream to soften it up and the whole patch peeled up and I could see the blace spikey looking root, I filled the hole with the cream the Dr gave me and it sting like fuck for hours but it died and a couple days later I was fine.

When I got them on my hands, thanks public pool, my Dr froze them and cut them off and froze them again, they bled but went away after that except one little one came back which I cut off with toe nail clippers.

I had 2 of these on my feet.... they were real stubborn. Freezing them didnt work.... i just bought some corn pads and when they started to take effect I got scissors and cut them off, then they were gone and never came back.



Easy fix. Get some duct tape. Wash your feet and dry them carefully. Tape the underside of your feet. Do not tape the whole feet, just the soles.

Let it work for a day, then check out the results and change the tape.

I don't know why it works, but it works.

Shit. This is excellent to hear. I'll give it a go. I know apple cider vinegar is great for getting rid of athletes foot, didn't know it would help against plantar warts

This actually does work. It suffocates the wart (because apparently warts need to breathe). Or you could gradually burn them off. I burned off a wart I had on my pinkie and it hasn't grown back. Although I think the root is still there cuz there's a white dot where the wart used to be.

Took three weeks to work didn’t believe it at first!

I had these as a teenager. Tried all the home remedies, acid, freezing, etc. Didn't work. After a couple years they had spread to 31 warts between my two feet. I got fed up one night, took a screwdriver and a blow torch, heated the screwdriver red hot and pushed it into each wart individually. Dug out the burned flesh and burnt the holes again. They didn't come back.

I tried freezing a way with air duster. Fucked my leg up pretty badly. You ever see your skin shrink and form a fucking crevasse trying to run away from the cold? Just go to the doctor.

i am more concerned about your immune system

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Dr School’s Liquid Nitogen Wart Remover and Apple Cider Vinegar.
Soak Wart in ACV for 20 Minutes (some gauze or cotton ball taped to it)
Scrape away at as good as you can.
Nuke wart area with nitrogen.
It’s the only way to be sure

Cover the warts with green banana peels for 2-3
days and the warts will fall off easily, speak from my own experience.

Its gonna sound gross but I had two of them when I was like 14 and cut them out with a swiss army knife. It was quite painful but also somehow satisfying. Should I have gone to a doctor? Yes. Are teenage boys very stupid? Yes. Luckily for me they never came back.

wtf. are you walking barefoot in the sewer? how does your foot even get like this?

I cut them out with a stanley knife, repeat until they go. now my feet are super tough