Currently have no control over my libido. Jerking off twice, three times every day. Constantly have my dick out...

Currently have no control over my libido. Jerking off twice, three times every day. Constantly have my dick out, even at work and usually sending pictures or videos to 7-8 different girls. How do people manage to keep it down because i can't

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think of or look at things you find revolting. if that doesn't work put some ice on it.

Well that depends, is that your penis?

Ice water is never going to work and I find that my sexual feelings trump anything else I think about

Yeah, currently sending pictures to my friend in Japan for when she wakes up.

Buy an old cellphone, two ice showers a day, higher your cortisol level.

start lifting
i mean it

>currently sending pictures to my friend in Japan for when she wakes up

I'm currently in Japan and it's 18:51 right now...

So either your friend literally slept all day, went to bed very early, she's lying to you, or you're lying on the internet

Coem here, I'll help you take care of that beautiful monster. Hell you can send me all the pics and vids you want, I want to see.

Post more dick pictures!!

Nice cock

shit dude, no wonder you can't satisfy a dick like that.

Not to sound like a faggot, but I’d happily suck your cock.

im a 29 yo virgin, never even tried to get laid, never flirted with a girl or sent any dick picks.

How can someone have so little selfcontrol?

>implying that because you are completely void of the urge you must have self-control
It’s not self-control if you got nothing to control user. Self-control is having the urge then resisting it.

oh i do have urges, im straight and fap once a day (on average). Sure i might have less urges than OP, but thats not what this is about, its about self control.
Sexual urges are pretty much just emotion and i have put some effort into controlling my emotions, im not immune to emotions and would fuck a girl if the opporturnity arrived, but i got my own demons, which arent really on topic.
dont bother trying to guess them, you wont.

My dick is a fucking whale you imbeciles, some or most of you can't even start to start the thought of beginning to think about just how high our fat fat long dick libido power can actually rise, some of us ascend to another plane of libido that, like myself, have masturbated for thirteen hours start having the cum go up the tube and before ejaculation stop and let it fall down just to keep jerking of. I've sent cock pics anonymously to almost every female I knew from my high school even the teacher and now I know some of them have good asses to fuck, which is bad because it makes me stroke more and more. I have even masturbated 7 times in under and hour to max out complicity where cum doesn't even come out it just your cock pulsating, the curse is truly real...


as if not every guy has had an hours long fap session, but i can agree that 7 times in an hour is pretty good.

Thirteen hours straight? What happened to your penis?

It basically slightly inflated from extreme use, like how in those fighter movies when the character gets hit in the eye it inflates. I passed out immediately afterwards and slept a day off completely

People don't keep their libido down throughout the day, it just is. There's something wrong with you. Talk to a doctor if its a problem with you

Hmmmm...who think was him...?!

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Post your kik and I might be able to help out.

Jesus, I've never seen anybody try to pass off bullshit as knowledge to this extent before.

"Sexual urges are pretty much just emotion" Ahahahaha

prove me wrong.

I think anyone with half a brain doesn't need me to, but I'll tell you how it works. Specific neurons fire in a chain that your brain overall has linked to different hormone productions, several of which go to influencing how powerful one's libido is. For example, the adrenal glands that sit just above the kidneys help influence how active one's libido is.

If OP wants real help, he should probably turn to a neurologist, psychiatrist, and/or an endocrinologist.

We can only judge and help after you sent the girls content to us