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2nd from right, id face fuck her and pump load after load down her throat

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make left sit on my cock while i eat rights pussy out

fuck left let others play and watch

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I'd be their slave literally. Do u kik

fill that glass up with my cum and make her drink it

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fuck right until she drops down on the floor filled with my cum in all her holes. make left clean up my cock and her afterwards

Sit on her face and enjoy the rimjob as my buddy Jerome pumps her ass with his 10". She didnt know shed be getting used by 2 so she initially fights it but I'm sitting on her face so there's literally no escape. Eventually she just accepts being used and doesnt even react as Jerome nuts in her ass and I nut on her face

>which one/ones and wwyd

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Morgen, Liz, or Kelsey? Wwyd?

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Wwyd to Malorie?

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Which and wwyd?

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Brother and sister went to Prom together. What do you think happened that night?

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Younger daughter, mom, and older daughter. Wwyd to them?

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Fuck her strapped down n just use her

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1 leather wip n chocker
Looks kinky af

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Old daughter hard in pussy and have mum watch, get her horny

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2nd from right looks so innocent and sweet, Id love to fuck that throat until shes sobbing. Any more?

choose yours

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Fuck 1 from behind while she eats 5s pussy. Have 6 sit on 4s face while 2and 3 suck on her tits

How would you use her?

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Kelsey sits on my face while Liz and Morgen share my cock

Fucking cutie, moar

1 for those tits

1 rides my cock while 3 sits on my face. 2 and 4 69 and wait their turn

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What else would mom have to watch you do to her oldest daughter?

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Tell the stupid bitches to get off the street. Thats not the kitchen.

Which is a better cock sucker and why?

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Euthanize them, it's he only humane thing to do.

How would you use them?

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Which and wwyd?

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I would creampie the right while i would deeptongue lefts throat. Then i cut blondes throat and keep breeding left one.

Not edgy, just hprny and crazy

and sweet innocent abby?

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She looooooves creampies.

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Liz, cause she's not quite as cute, so she has to try harder


Fuck 2 from behind while the other two watch. More?

Which would you most want to fuck?

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Pick a band geek and wwyd?

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Kelsey. Better body cuter face

Let her ride my cock so I can play with those tits and id finish on her face

Fuck 5 while 7 sits on her face

Wwyd to her?

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fuck two and get blowjob from 7

What does she have in store for her?

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Bend her over and fuck her ass and after I chum, have her suck my cock clean

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More please

Which one and wwyd?

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fuck 2 and 7 in turns

No one wanna be brutal to her?

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Damn, she's hot. Just asking to have a cock forced between those lips and down her throat

She would definitely get facefucked and forced to eat my cum.

And many a cock has been down there I am sure

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With a body like that, there's no way this slut hasn't had half her school down it

Shes not in school now but I bet her college years were spent on her back or her knees


I know they were. The slut of the school

Slowly undress #3 while the other two watch, then have 3 ride me while 1 kisses her. 2 gets my load on her face when I’m done

WWYD to these two sisters?

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bum bump

date the left and fuck her sis behind her back.

Pick one and WWYD

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