What are some legit reasons a white woman would choose a black man over a white man?

What are some legit reasons a white woman would choose a black man over a white man?

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the self corruption defilement aspect that underlies every casual sex encounter

He is likable

but with niggers its basically multiplied by 100

As a form of reparations for slavery

The black man would fuck her, whereas the white man is posting up WWYD and waiting on other white fags to give suggestions.

Mulatto babies are cuter than purebreds

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Her dad is a racist and it's her way of saying "fuck you daddy!"

Not sure but look at these hot black males

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Because they vibe well I assume, or she likes the way some black men look.


Don’t worry about just daddy

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This is possible. My grandma is a huge racist and told me to never date a black guy. That's the main reason over half the men I've had sex with were black.

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Lmao. America is obsessed with black dicks, fuck you all, niggers and cucks.

their white husbands are busy at work and the black man isn't.

Look how sexy he is

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Naught gramps

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post more

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anymore of the OP?

BBC destroyed her!!!!

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it's just better

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From his wiki:
After at first successfully using “complicated multi-exposure techniques”[2] to enhance Silver’s natural endowments for still photography, Myrdal later persuaded Christopher Tucker, the makeup artist for the film The Elephant Man, to create the prosthetic which greatly contributed to the notoriety of Long Dong Silver. Myrdal comments that, “It was very light, a very delicate foam latex sleeve that fit on over the cock, carefully glued down underneath by the pubes and then made up.”[3]

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This is a hand sized bbc you can carry around

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Some bbc just hanging out

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Post more webm breeding pics, preferably with cream pie in vagina.

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Condom with Blacks = No Aids

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Drug addiction.

Disgusting whore?

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