Pay your respects, user

Pay your respects, user.

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Have I gone too far?

too soon man



Yes. its way too soon for this shit.

Ayy it's a corpse


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the lack of replies this thread has gotten says alot about the people browsing Sup Forums these days....

Bs dead man

Too fucking soon, you degenerate.

Have some fucking respect man! Too soon. It’ll ALWAYS be too soon!

RIP perfect girl.

I know, but you do kinda hope theres still a good number of lurkers just ignoring the tsunami of traps, blacked, porn spammers.

I do miss co-ordinates threads.

Not soon enough

There was one that someone posted a screenshot off not too long ago with some cords in a forest a few hours from me. Had a nosey in case i was going to be going past any time soon but its all bulldozed and wind turbined now. You probably wont remember it but it was cords for a "well" in scotland people assumed the OP dumped something, or someone in.


should have been @

Nice, see that was always fun in that 'kind of spooky if it was real' kind of way.
There was one about a month ago with someone talking about taking 'elizabeth for a walk'
We had a fag on scene, no win though.

what's this about?

I wish i could find that picture of the cords now. Would have been good to visit for the lulz in the summer



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What is this about?