Thrash Metal Thread

Thrash Metal Thread.
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I'm trying to find some good thrash, I find Metallica and Exodus enjoyable but not Megadeth or Pantera, any suggestions?

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Anthrax, though you're likely already familiar. they've yet to make a bad album, even the non-joey ones are good.

King Parrot

>metallica enjoyable but not megadeth
Suggestion: kys

What are your favourites then?

Do this.

UK Thrash band called Seregon, check em' out @seregonuk

>Early Metallica written by Dave Mustaine

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flotsam and jetsam, earlier sepultura, if you like slayer check sadus out.

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Other user was correct: kys

Try this

a little bit black/death but skeletonwitch is feel good driving music

"God Hates Us All" - Slayer, Check it out if you haven't already. It's One of my favorite slayer albums and thrash metal albums in general.

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Check out Kreator

or This

Their new album sucks but Sacred Reich is pretty good


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>Lich King
>Death Angel
>Amon Amarth
>Storm Troopers of Death (basically same guys as Anthrax)
>Lamb of God

or perhaps

Also Carnivore and d.r.i

a personal fave

The singer sounds castrated.

Just for you

shoutout to the UK scene

Yep, that's the most retarded shit I've ever heard

Sure about that?

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These dingus heads don't know metal if they got hit with a railroad spike.

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Honestly, I thought the first minute and a half were generic and boring as fuck, but god damn it gets so much better


Operation M.O.V.E by Leftover Crack

you can thank me never cuz i dont give a shit

The new slayer stuff is so much better than their old albums, like what even was Hell Awaits

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You might be onto something

Heyy!...nice Elon

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3 Inches of Blood

Erm...this is thrash? this isnt hair metal?



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Disagreed. While I personally don't like Hell Awaits, Show No Mercy is just a masterpiece the whole album, and shit only got more brutal with Reign in Blood and Seasons in the Abyss. Repentless was an amazing album, and Chasing Death might be one of my favorite Slayer songs, but at the end of the day, Slayer isn't Slayer without Jeff Hanneman.

>not real, not thrash, not anything
.. ?

Alien Weaponry
Good newish band

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Did it sound familiar?

Hey OP you like this?

What do you mean theyre not real? Theyve done live performances.
Granted Brendan Schamll wrrites most of the music, but not real?
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it did but then i thought i was jsut imaging. either way enter sandman has been stuck in my head since. I only skimmed through that song you posted

I saw them live, they were dope AF. They started off with some cool ass tribal yelling and drums. They straight from New Zealand

since this is now just a metal general thread name a better album than Tomb of the Mutilated

you can't because there isn't one

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CC is mediocre, at best

The real deal

shit taste, opinion disregarded

Musical taste is like assholes, yours is filled with shit

I have a medial condition :(


Municipal waste. If early beastie boys were metal they would sound like this. Good shit

Then they would've ended up sounding like this in the mid 80s

What kinda retard doesn't love Pantera?

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That's a dude..


This but add Overkill instead of Alestrom as there folk metal a great band yes but not thrash.

I've only skimmed through, and the one thing i didn't see was nuclear assault. I am an appreciator of thrash and thrashlike music, and after my latest research round with bands like Overkill, dark angel, Sacrifice and more i found the mentioned nuclear assault! Clicked with me shortly after i started listening, like third or fourth playthrough of their handle with care album! Very recommended!
Also dethklok!


If you like some prog in your thrash, Vektor is pretty great

checked. i spent many a night in my youth listening to Out Of Order

Agreed, Vektor is cool

I do like TOMT but this one is just amazing

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Carcass is a million times better than CC

such a shit overrated album easily one of their worst KILL is a thousand times better bro



Gallery of Suicide is my favourite

Came here to say this

Pic related is a worthy opponent

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Battlecross and Revocation

SPEW from Halifax, NS.

Trust me.

I tend to prefer modern thrash

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To bad in concert they just basically play seasons in the abyss ... I want to hear killing fields, the Antichrist, exile etc

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Yellow Goat
Mantic Ritual
Gamma bomb
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