My niece faxed me this picture. What did she mean by this?

My niece faxed me this picture. What did she mean by this?

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she wants to have fun (not in a dirty way)
send funny picture back

That your niece doesn’t exist, not one chance in hell she FAXED you shit

She's showing off her snapchat artwork... and she does not know what that facial expression implies.


Nigga wat

She wants your dingdong inside her hoho

so, your sister paged you, your niece faxed you, is your mom going to send you the next bad thread via courier pigeon??

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Dude are you stuck in the year you posted this the first time?

she wants you to cum on her tongue

She meant that you will marry the wrong person and live out your life fucking some ogre.
Because you’re a faggot

Fuck my wife?

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Reply with your cock over the pic. Like she licking it.

It means you’re a faggot and post unfunny memes. You put the Sup Forumstard back into things.

K-pop poster in the background, don't interact it's for the best

What a coincidence. She's my niece too!

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Tell her that real ahegao involves rolling the eyes up and crossing them.
I dont like ethots but if they're going to be thots then at least do it properly


>My grandma smoke signalled me a picture of her sucking on a banana. What did she mean by this?


>My uncle's wife's friend's sister's boyfriend's son's girlfriend telegraphed me this picture. What did she mean by this?

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Faxed? In 2019? How you Niece have access to a fax machine? How she get a snapchat photo into a form that allowed it to be faxed?

Come and save me from the 90's....shite b8 m8. Time travelling kids don't know how to use faxes...fucking fax machine.

That's Mama June right there