How does it feel to see your country being taken over by BLACK and brown BVLLS...

How does it feel to see your country being taken over by BLACK and brown BVLLS? How does it feel that as your people commit mass suicide and exterminate themselves, you can do nothing but cry, throw hissy fits and come here to post on Sup Forums trying to "own" them niggers, when in reality, you'd get ass kicked by one punch of a BLACK man.

How does it feel to see Muslims, bomb and rape your women, while you can do nothing but post """memes""" online trying """wake up""" the wh*Te minority?

Tell me, you wh*Te fuck, say something wh*Toid. Say what? A 100 years ago "you" ruled us? "YOU"? Haha. Pathetic, wh*Te scum. It wasn't you wh*Toid. Not you, but a small fraction of your elite. That's what it was. You were never them. Your family was just another cracker living somewhere in the middle of Europe. You are nothing but a cracker. Even back then, many "shitskins" were above you.

Today that same elite is now on OUR side. Your wh*Te nationalist rhetoric being used against you. You nations are being flooded with men from Africa, Arabia, India, and many other nations. All your pathetic kind could do was kill a few innocent women and children in a mosque. And what did that cause? Just more weakness from your pathetic race. Your women being forced to wear Hijabs on National TV. A Hijab! Literally the expression of being owned by Islam.

Answer me, wh*Toids. What happened? You got your ass kicked too hard? Because the real asskicking has yet to come. As more and more nations awake to the wh*Te menace, your people will be killed and murdered mercilessly across the 7 continents, including your own because Europe is already heading to a wh*Te massacre. ""Conquer"" us again? Nice try, wh*Ties. You forget how the Arabs and Turks conquered your pathetic tundra shithole you call Europe. The same feat will be done by the Chinese soon as they march across European soil like the Golden Horde marched through Europe.

Make the world a better place,
Exterminate the cracker race.

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Go steal another crown nigger.

No one cares about your nigger faggot cuck fantasies

You. Are. A. Nigger. Pure and simple.

>nobody cares
>BLACKED is the most popular porn studio

Why do 3500 follow my Tumblr page then?

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ur pasta is stale, and ur a faggot

From his wiki:
After at first successfully using “complicated multi-exposure techniques”[2] to enhance Silver’s natural endowments for still photography, Myrdal later persuaded Christopher Tucker, the makeup artist for the film The Elephant Man, to create the prosthetic which greatly contributed to the notoriety of Long Dong Silver. Myrdal comments that, “It was very light, a very delicate foam latex sleeve that fit on over the cock, carefully glued down underneath by the pubes and then made up.”[3]

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AHAHHHAHA … a nigger thinks he's popular *sigh*

I'm not gonna lie, I wish I had that body. I'd even give up a few of my IQ points. After all, I could lose about 35 of them and still not be as dumb as your average nigger.

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Dog shit stupid is still smarter than an nigger.

Work out, cardio and eat healthier then... Doesn't take a rocket surgeon to figure it out.

I love your pathetic attempts to circumvent the word filters
And you forget why we are called "crackers"
>exits thread, whistling "Whip crack away"

Op is a joo

and genes - don't forget you need the genetic disposition

This book is prophecy. I hope your prepared white devils we are coming. We are rise up. We will fuck all you pussy white niggas up.

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For other niggers and faggot cucks maybe

I do all of those things, but I have a difficult time gaining muscle. Nogs pop out of the womb fucking jacked.

>edgelord permavirgins

Look at it. Just nothing behind the eyes. Nothing going on. Just a nigger.

AHHHAHHHAHHHH … found the nigger.

You do not need a genetic predisposition to build muscle.


They do not.

>edgelord permavirgins
Projection, the post. When you have to invent a back-story for an anonymous poster on a nose-flute image board and then criticise your invention in order to try to win a point, at the moment you click on "Post" you know you lost

They 'pop out' of felon incubators.

>You do not need a genetic predisposition to build muscle.
ignoring race, there is no way without a chemical intervention that someone like Mo Farrah could build a physique like OP's

This is gold. A porch monkey with a crown. My sides.

Facts are facts, user. Nigger babies can bench 3 times their body weight by the time their a month old.

*they're (I'll let you work out which one)
But 1/2 is not bad for someone supporting OP's position

They can also steal three times their body weight in bikes. Your point?

blacks 13% the population

7% black males 14-45
commit over 51% of ALL MURDERS

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>Nogs pop out of the womb fucking with a criminal rap sheet


Arabs are literally gutting you like fish and taking your organs
Cope harder

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the richest blacks still commit more crime
then the poorest whites

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Yeah, because it's clearly not a typo. Fuckin dweeb.

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I don't want their propensity for violence or theft, I just want to be jacked, bruh.


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that's nice shlomo

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It's been fun guys, but I have an early vote in the Senate tomorrow, so I will see everyone tomorrow night. Niggers goin' to nig.

3x? dude they cant stop stealing

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Hate to break it to you cuck, but blacked isn't even in the top 5 right now it's 2 other partner studios are both more popular

>posting in a bait thread

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>Genetics: The Cold Hard Truth
>This probably isn't what you want to hear, but your progress is largely dependent on your genetics.
>Recent research shows that some individuals respond very well to strength training, some barely respond, and some don't respond at all. You read that correctly. Some people don't show any noticeable results. Researchers created the term "non-responders" for these individuals.
>A landmark study by Hubal used 585 male and female human subjects and showed that twelve weeks of progressive dynamic exercise resulted in a shockingly wide range of responses.
>The worst responders lost 2% of their muscle cross-sectional area and didn't gain any strength whatsoever. The best responders increased muscle cross-sectional area by 59% and increased their 1RM strength by 250%. Keep in mind these individuals were subjected to the exact same training protocol.

Other supporting sources:

Do your research before you type bullshit

What if I told you... that picture depicts circumcision, not "dick-washing"

>>posting in a bait thread

no we trolling in a bait thread fool

>Listing all the replies in a bait thread in order to try to look oldfag, then actually posting it

We all die.. niggers cannot run successful countries. Whites may die.. but without white guidance, the niggers will die a painful death in an unorganized shit hole like their homeland. Thank God I'll be dead before that.

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>posting in a bait thread

>thank god you'll be dead at some point

We don’t even like white girls as much as you think we do. Stfu we prefer our own people

So what is this other than a post? Pot....kettle

>We don’t even like white girls as much as you think we do. Stfu we prefer our own people
Aesop's fox, eh?

>Blacks lead the nation in number of abortions
>Blacks lead the nation in the number of inner-racial (black on black) murders
>Black birth rates have been in decline since 2010, while asian-American & hispanic-American birth rates have doubled in that time
>Blacks have the highest rates of cancer, HIV & heart disease

OP, I realize this is a poorly constructed bait thread, but the factis blacks will be the smallest minority in the U.S. by 2050. Whites, Hispanics & Asians will be the dominant demographic groups by mid-century. Niggers are aborting, murdering & diseasing themselves out of existence.

Annnddd /thread.

>Forgetting mixed races

I'll bite
It's blacks who are rabidly exterminating themselvessuckit

Mixed race people often aquire the best of both their parents - be it looks, intellect, athletic prowess. Better than pure bred niggers by a long shot. Americanus Nergosus will be an extinct species within a century due to being bred out of existence and decimating their own culture / community.

THIS. Blacks as a race seem suicidal based on how much they kill each other and abort their future generations.

Jesus you actually believe that. lol

He's right, user. African Americans have plummeting birth rates, skyrocketing disease / health issues, aborting at a higher rate than demographic replacement. Best case scenario is that they comprise ~5% of the population by 2120 based on current birth rates of other U.S. demographic groups.

Ok boomer

Exactly. If you have access to JSTOR, look up the latest academic journal pieces on the dire situation African Americans face. The Harvard piece on demographic growth published last month puts it at close to being 3% of the population if current rates hold - let alone increase.

Given your lack of education, I'm assuming your probably white, middle age, lower income...likely a high school drop out. It's cringey when you literal boomers try to use the boomer meme.

Bingo. BBC News covered the declining black birth rates in the U.S. last week. They're blaming it more on socio-economic conditions and poor nutrition, which is patently absurd.

Yikes, stop trying to fit in with us old dude. Gross.

>pic related, it's you

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My neck is so wet!

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Know your place, stupid nigger.

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