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Sup negro

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Aegis claimed.

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Its all from Twitch Plays Pokemon. No Flareon allowed.

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who you callin nigga white boi, time to pay
*sucker punches u from behind*

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hello there
hi there

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Try that again now

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The False Prophet and Bloody Sunday.

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Hello there. How are you?

Okay. That's neat, I guess.

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hey tsugu, hope you're enjoying your night/day.

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Tell me more about Bloody Sunday

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im good! i took a nap earlier (to the detriment of my sleep schedule) and now im playing some more octopath traveler. its pretty good
how about yourself? hows pokeman going?
i am! been playing a new game, taking it easy, the usual.
how about yours?

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I'm pretty much done with the game. I need to find someone to trade with now.

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dont they have post-game stuff nowadays? battle-tower esque stuff and extra stories? unless you mean all that too.
can you trade with sun/moon or only sword/shield?

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octopath any good? i played the demo a while back when it first released and enjoyed it. wasn't too big on shelling out 60 dollars for it though.
i'm good, thanks.

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There is stuff, but I kind of want to start over.
Only sword and shield. I wanted to give the legendary, Zacian, away.

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very, it gets better as you go along, too. i dunno how much the demo entailed but i assure you theres additional depth that really keeps it fresh as you go along. pacing is a bit wonky though
also they uhhh added an... update... that makes it easier to justify the price of admission....
im glad to hear it :)
i see, you must have enjoyed it then! i havent really seen anything about it.
dang, oh well, smart move by nintendo honestly, unless they want wondertrade plagued with shiny mews. if they ever change that, lemme know.

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They won't. Most of the pokedex wasn't added to Sword and Shield.

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i might end up checking it out eventually, i've got a jrpg itch that needs scratching. what do you mean by that update? must be something pretty alright.

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yeah i heard that. you never know, they might. do you know if they plan a 'ultra sword/shield' type deal like sun/moon?
no im just being really coy about it. they removed denuvo

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I'm sure there will be. It'd be an excuse to add more pokemon and sell more games.

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yeah, seems pretty likely especially with the severely reduced pokedex and whatnot.
oh well, im not sure what can be done about that sort of thing these days, especially since nintendo could probably polish a turd and call it the new pokemon generation and itd still sell like hotcakes.

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