Washington thread?

Washington thread?
Cuck here looking for a guy to get my gf into it

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Washington fuck here too. Had she been with anyone yet?

She hasnt yet. Where at? Im in auburn

Washington cuck*

Same. I'm from chehalis

Spokane area

I'm in washington

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Post 425 whores

She's really hot by the way. You should have no issue finding someone to fill her up

Does she have any interest at all?

The issue is getting her to be down

She said she wouldnt cuck me but shed be down to have a mmf threesome. Her biggest fantasy is a gangbang so i know its there

Threesomes are a great start. That's how we started.

Still working on the gangbang part though haha.

Yeah, she said shed want me to kiss her or hand my hand while she was getting fucked. And would want me to finish last and cleanup. Howd you do your first threesome?

It was actually when she was pregnant and super horny all of the time. I could barely keep up with her, so I jokingly mentioned bringing in a friend to help. Surprisingly she was into the idea. That first night was amazing and we all passed out together, and I woke up a few hours later to her riding his cock. That's when I realized I was really turned on by the cuck lifestyle

Anyone got Lauren N. from Puyallup?

Are you into cleanup? Luckily that's not something my girl is into. She does like cum in her though

My little Seattleite likes to get filled up too.

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Does your girl doll herself up for her bulls?

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who is this?

ive seen this photo

im in Tacoma

Not sure, don't find anything when I image search it. Looks familiar though

I'm sorry

Do you have any more pics of her?