Be me

>Be me
>Dad never taught me how to change a tire
>Didn't learn how to fix issues with the car
>Learned some things like shaving by watching manly movies

>When i think of a father figure i see Arnold Schwarzenegger in Commando
>Always smile when i see him on television

Am i fucked in the head?

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gen x parent right? dont blame him, he had to teach himself all that shit, break the cycle and teach your sons

what did ur dad teach u?

Congratulations your probably a faggot and almost definitely a zoomer.

Man-up or your daughter will betray you for a chainmail wearing Australian

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My dad didn't either.
Funny thing is, after I had been shaving for a while, one day he asked me, "you know how to shave, right?"

we're all a little fucked in the head user

Always speaks of the old times in soviet Russia and how fucked things were. When i think back i don't really remember anything he taught me, except how to switch gears while driving shotgun as a kid.


Oh yeah. I know how that feels like.
That 'It's too late to teach me' feeling, a little boiling inside the stomach eh?

i was raised by a single mother and pretty much had to teach myself everything too
she never taught me anything usefull

No kid. You're not fucked in the head.
You're normal for your countries generation.

Make these things the first things to learn;

>Basic car maintenance.
>Basic self-defense.
>Basic cooking/how not to burn your kitchen down.
>Basic financial practises/protection.
>Personal growth & development.
>Home defence (Especially legal).
>Basic enemy psychology.

Learn these subjects and life should be adequately smooth.

My dad was a shitty boomer and died when I was young so I had to teach myself basically everything. Thank god for the internet. I don't think it is isolated to us either which makes me wonder just how fucking worthless the boomers were since they didn't teach the kids shit despite their parents having taught them stuff.

Things Dad never taught me:
>car repair
>self respect
>dental hygiene
>home repair
>self defense
>family values

Things Dad did teach me:
>how to duck
>how to drive
>how to fear for my life

Are you me?

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For your sake I hope not.

I was never taught how to properly clean my penis by pulling back the foreskin and now it's very tight. I've never seen the tip of my dick

My dad is a fat jew scientist who divorced my mom and married a scarecrow. Spent my whole childhood living out of a suitcase and being berated and hit for everything. The only lesson he taught that ever stuck was "hope for the best expect the worst".

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Brother, I know dat feel


I like how Dewey put it.

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Hey, OP, let off some steam.

if you need help with anything just google it.

Heyy!...nice Elon

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Gonna guess he worked some and put food on the table some and is still paying for you you fucking ungrateful cunt.
What any nigger would give to have their father around to not show him how to throw a ball or take some first steps.
Fucking privileged cunt.

>Be you.
>Afraid to learn without someone holding your hand.

>Be me
>Had a Dad who would teach me all this shit
>Be shitty kid instead
>Didn't learn anything
>Feel stupid at the auto shop when I bring car in

>be you
>had shitty father
>rationalizes shitty father
>is or will be shitty father

He did. He provided home and food for me and my brothers. He is my father and part of my family. When i got a bit older and tried to figure out how to change a tire on my bike he called me stupid and got angry. He is smug about the things i don't know but he does, things he could have teached me.

I love him but don't respect him as father figure. You know when i said i learned certain things from movies because he didn't teach me those things?
Like what the post was all about?
Maybe you are compensating here

It was not a privilege to be my father's house.

sounds about right
dont give respect to any one who dont deserve it
even if he came in your mom

First. You must accept that your father is an asshole. Forgive him. It has nothing to do with some God shit.

When you forgive him, you'll learn that he is not omnipotent and wise and what else kids think their parents are. You'll accept that he is weak, stupid, and prone to making mistakes.

When you understand what he really is, and how he is no different, or better, than anyone else. Then you get a peace and you can stop blaming him.

He is a fuckhead for sure, but now is the first day to stop living a life he made for you and start to live your own life, free from your parents.

People grow up to adulthood when they understand that their parents are normal people.

Now. Make a list of everything you would like to learn. Then, google them, go to library, or ask in various boards.

Then do it one by one.

I have exactly the same story as you have and I needed to learn everything myself. My father figures were my friends fathers, and also men in movies. Now, I'm my own father figure and example.

That is the best advice anyone gave me for this matter. Thank you user i will better myself

true true
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