Ask a cuckold any

Ask a cuckold any

>pic related
>wife with a friend

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More pics?

More or it didn't happen.

How does it feel to be a slave to your nerves system.

Hahah feels good

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How many different bulls does she have?

Let's see her getting fucked by him


with a condom? what a pansy. real bulls fuck raw

Like 7

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Mine or hers?

This time was with condom, but not always

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>This time was with condom, but not always
prove it

Damn. Busy girl. Do you get to fuck her? My wife has a couple of regulars but I still get to fuck her a few times a week.

What's it like being a degenerate and effectively rendering your marriage obsolete?

Hell, why even get married if you're just gonna undo it with this stupid shit?

Kik me husky706 I just wanna see more of her

Is this her favorite? Does she prefer bigger cocks?

I even got videos, but not webm, i cant post here

Yes some times i join em

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>I even got videos, but not webm, i cant post here
but you have more pictures, right?

Joining in is always fun. Ever more than two guys at once?

We can make a kik group, to post more pics and videos

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Heyy!...nice Elon

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Okay!!! Sounds good

How does it feel to be human trash? You basically supply this whore with money/men while your life means nothing

Add me nualss

I think hes ignoring the challenges to his retarded lifestyle.

My wifes tits. Also a cuck. Kik: MisterE_1313

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its only sex dude, you should try it

pity, i don't use kik

Sex is what you do with your partner, not what your partner should do with your friends dumbass

You're basically supporting someone so you can watch your friends/strangers do what you should be doing because you have some mental retardation

sex is putting your dick in someone.

You are thinking of love.

Its OK you will mature one day

You're a fucking idiot. You don't have to love someone to have sex with them but if you are going to commit to someone by marrying them you shouldn't let that person run around because you're a massive pussy, people like you should have your marriage nulled and shouldn't be allowed to raise or be near children.

At least gay couples commit to each other, people like you are what ruins stability in society. You want to talk about being mature? Try actually commiting to something rather than passing it off to someone else because you're too stupid/lazy.

TL;DR: Kys you human trash

spot the incel

It's basically really cheap live action porn. That you get to stick your dick in after. Not a bad gig.


Its more like you're a pussy ass bitch and you deserve to be savagely beaten

that really approved user wrong you guys, I'm sure he didn't see that coming

ohh yes please you sweet talker

Maybe one day you'll grow that cock that you're so envious about

What does this even mean? Men who cuck are the ones who need to grow a cock so they can actually please their women instead of fapping while another guy slops their hog

Men that are secure enough to let their significant others enjoy themselves have all of the cock they need. People who purposefully seek out these posts to spew hatred are the ones with such tiny cocks that they fear they'll never get pussy that they'll be able to keep. You fear that your tiny cock is going to relegate you too this lifestyle you hate so much, that you lash out at anyone who possibly enjoys it.

Good synopsis and likely true. So many men think their dicks are what keeps and makes for happy relationship, that the thought of someone else using their dick on their "property" will cause the entire thing to crumble. So insecure that they won't ever get another, which is very likely caused by having some deep insecurity, like having a small penis.

1 - 2 punch for the tiny dicked incel

how small is your dick?

If you are going to larp like this op then pic some more believable pics. No one believes you habe a thin wife.

Bigger than yours but smaller than your moms

I'm tryna be a bull. Where can I start?

I have a feeling that my roommate wants me to cuck him and I really wouldn't mind, considering his girlfriend. How do I initiate something like that?

You people are no better for society than niggers are. Rot in hell swine.

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I wanna see more of your broad, she's beautiful,