Post big boys

post big boys

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ayy why you delete

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>tfw no chubby uncut guy to worship

i know that feel user

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I want specifically that.

me too user, me too...

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Rate and roast me

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who would fuck me?

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could be chubbier, but still pretty good/10

very nice!

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thank you! any pic requests from me?

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Hmmm, pictures of your ass and pics showing off your belly!

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Heyy!...nice Elon

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I'd bend over and let you rail me

nice! maybe something like and pic related?

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spread cheeks?

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Here's an older one where I weight 40 pounds more

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u have pretty feet post more

I'm on love!


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fuck yeah i want to rim you so bad

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do you have more? also nice trips

my hole is all yours

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you're a real cutie user!

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Thx so much xxx

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Most of this fat fag

i got them from here on b so i don't know who that is

anyone save my pics?


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Post moar

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gay gay

yes, it's the only way

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Thanks. Fav 1?

probably or

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Any more requests? No limits x


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hmm, that's a tough questions, maybe one on all fours?

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Got anything you can put up that ass?


stop. I can only get so hard.

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post moar please!!

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oof, that's a nice belly user

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I want to drink cum off every guy in this threads cock, so bad.

What do you guys think of stretch marks on chubby guys?

This is me

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i don't mind them they're a part of life


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I find them cute ^^