Ask a 23 year old sociopath anything

Ask a 23 year old sociopath anything

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what meds you on?

What's your third favourite fruit?

Motivation for reinstating the monarchy in Bulgaria?

how deep is your throat?

I haven't taken medication since I was 16, adderall and prozac
I would say bananas

How large of a short position should I take in BYND?

Is Jokee litereally you?

Worst thing you've obsessed about doing vs. Worst thing you've actually done

You name it I've thought of it, and I still do. But I only ever stole a few candy bars, some money from dad's wallet.
Broke into a few houses as a kid.
I don't care

how soon did you get diagnosed?
did your parents notice something is different about you?
do you have any "code" or rules you live by and are you actively trying to change?

>I don't care
What a coincidence! That's my position on you!

How do you synthesize a methylated alkaloid?

You sound like a real edgelord.

Sociopath? Do you know what is the difference between sociopath and psychopath?

Was it a surprise when you were diagnosed? I was diagnosed with ASPD about 6 months ago and I'm still weird about it.

Does it make you feel special?

kude jiveesh

What country are you from? Was it a long process to get diagnosed?

guess which faggot has just watched Joker and done a psych quiz on facebook

It’s odd that you are trolling a picture of the Black Dahlia considering sociopaths as a whole aren’t a population prone to murder.