Trump voters

>trump voters

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well yeah look who their leader is

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Louisiana Family Forum are pedos

republicans are pedos, thats why the catholic church supports them

The government shouldn't regulate marriage at all. Fight me.

whudda whoppin' surprise.. conservatives are no better than salafi muslims.

I'd rather fuck you.

they want to force marriage onto kids because wahhh abortion exists.

Can I watch?

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yeah sure why not

The republicans know their target audience.

They just kept it so 16 and 17 year olds can get married with parental consent.
You'd need permission from a judge to marry under that.

Hmmmm...who think was him...?!

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still fucked up


just make the kids identify as trans that would make them gay & religious folk hate fags & the mentally ill.

I've never heard of this before and have no knowledge of Louisiana law but let me guess what is happening here.
Currently, as is the case in many countries, people can get married at 18 without parental permission or before 18 (but over perhaps 14 or 16) with parental permission. The proposed legislation would remove the right to get married before 18 even with parental permission. Those in favour of keeping the law as it currently stands are being smeared as pro-pedo, even though in 99% of the cases the "child" is over 16. How close am I?

Very wrong, likely a pedo. It is about under 16s.

its not that bad that two 17 year olds can get married when in other states they are mutilating their own genitals to do gender transitioning.
at least the married people can have babies.
families is what liberals hate.
people who think that means pedophiles are marrying kids are out of touch with whats actually happening and assuming the worst their liberal brains can come up with and how to twist it to mean that when it could but doesn't usually.
im concerned that the people projecting that this means pedos cant see the first point i made before assuming the worst it shows more about them projecting.

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>deflecting this hard

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But allowing a 5 year old to transition isnt.... ok now

All this means is people under 18 can get married, not that 40 year olds can marry them. I wouldn't give a shit if that's what it meant either, only NPC's act like 15 and up isn't old enough

d-d-deflectionnnnnn failed. get fucked pedo scum

wait I thought they were being FORCED to transition? Now they're being ALLOWED to transition? You right wing retards need to get your story straight.

Yeah and I'm pretty sure they don't hormone and amputate 5 year olds.

>through my distorted view of some obscure law, my technically accurate but practically irrelevant statement can come to LIFE!

by my magic powers, china and india can largely be at fault for the continuation of climate change, making Saint Greta a stupid leftist stunt and a dumb whore!


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>b-b-b-b-b-b-but whuddabout..

it literally means a 40y/o can marry an 12y/o, and it happens in the US still.

"More than 1,000 15-year-olds have been married in Missouri since 1999. Even children ages 14, 13 and 12 can marry in Missouri — it's one of 25 states with no minimum age requirement. For those 14 and younger, a judge's consent is required."

wrong thread Sup Forumscel

lucky guys

all the threads are mine, child, this land belongs to Atom

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>All this means is people under 18 can get married, not that 40 year olds can marry them.

Yes they can. The under 18 just needs their parents' permission.

>only NPC's act like 15 and up isn't old enough

You sound mature.

lol who

Wow, the LGBT lobby must be extremely powerful in Louisiana

pedos are often stunted mentally

Umm, I know more about the 56 friends Hillary Clinton has had to attend funerals for due to suicidings

Blue haired feminist detected





kek samefagging support for SOME pedos wow

Atom! This is his land, he is to bring the Division. Stand before Atom and Be Divided.

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Yeah I know all the chemicals in that blue hair dye must make you unable to hear, dumb faggot

screeching Sup Forumscel detected

woah.. this guy knows shit; he's in the know. man, he knows.

stunning and brave

Liberals sexualize children day and night. Actively.
So what the fuck are you talking about?

... but regulating someone's uterus is A-OK!

Fuck off Trumptard.

>the leader of Louisiana is Trump

Leftists folks.

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>triggered pedo used deflect: not very effective.
just seething

he's talking about the fact that conservatives marry children, and fucks them.

Trump is president of the US, Louisiana is a state in the US.

image states
>Conservative Christians
>Republican Lawmakers
Who leads the Rs again I forgot? sorry you're inbred and can't read though.

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Trump isn't in charge of Louisiana law, genius. That's called a governor.

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who is Republican. Who leads them eh faggot?

What say does the US President have on state laws again?

leftists, folks... most amusing mental gymnastics because orange man bad

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go stick a cock through the gaping hole in your earlobes faggot

US President isn't in charge of state laws.. fail NPC

cuckservative pedos seething. Yeah why would the leader of a party weigh in on laws pushed by their members?

>wut is federal law
>wat is executive order
Trump could end child marriage in the US, but he won't.

2010 called, you have to go back.

usually trump can't keep his tard mouth shut. pedo republicans? crickets, not even a tweet.

tfw cuck is literally a term stolen from us which we used on you
when will libtard zombies ever create their own words or memes?

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Likely because US Presidents don't mean anything thus are a red herring by TDS suffering leftists

But to indulge you.. this meme is outdated and marriage under 16 was in fact banned.

Don't forget to continue your logic and thank the leader of the Republican party aka Trump.

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>says the liberal child sexualizer
Try harder plz.
And I'm talking about how liberals actively sexualize children. Hypocritically.

your conservative women there, looks to be at least ten years to old for the Republicans in Louisiana and Missouri.

kek triggered trumpies think they invented cuck. Someone call Shakespeare and tell him the trumpies said he can't use cuckoldry anymore. kys tard

>conservative woman
>dressed like a slut
>taking a selfie for instagram

>US Presidents don't mean anything
so you're not voting, I take it.

>Likely because US Presidents don't mean anything
he could executive order out child marriage tomorrow but won't. keep lying though.

>marriage under 16 was in fact banned.

So what's your beef here? Did your husband dump you for someone younger? I guess you want the age of consent to be 45

shakespear would have literally called libtards cucks too

Trump is not an option for state elections in Louisiana so you're right. Learn2government.

>wahhh why don't you want kids to get married?
fucking pedo scum

Quick reminder, Sondland just implicated both Trump and Giuliani in the opening statement of his testimony. BTFO

>b-b-b-but teh libruls!
what is it the liberals do, that in any way shape or form is worse than marrying children?

can literally name 1000 things more important than a capable minded young adult taking a cock

so you're not voting for Trump, I take it.

Shakespeare faggot. No he wouldn't. Maybe go enjoy some of his work if you can find it in picture book format

Oh no some faggot in tights with a big ruffle collar who write plays thinks leftists are cucks. Please. Stop. Someone help.

Obama could have as well,by your logic. Why didn't he?

Presidents can't overrule state laws with executive orders, that's why.

Leftists, folks.

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Us executive office hasn't mattered since 1913.
Your vote doesn't matter.

>I can't refute this so I'll just hurl insults around and hope he goes away

>capable minded young adult
really round about way of saying child, you fucking pedo. just admit it coward

Not for Louisiana elections. The state of Louisiana is the discussion of this thread. Learn2read.

Nothing. Liberals are perfect angels when it come to kids.
There is no sexualization of children. You're right.

>a capable minded young

This faggot has no idea, just trotted out Shakespeare because tard claimed triggered righties invented cuck

>implying modern day leftists don't wear tights
I figured you been in enough lbbbq riots to know this

Based as fuck I’m voting republican now

so I take it you don't vote, then.
stop playing dumb. You voted for Trump, because you believe that the office of PoTUS does matter.

Of course I vote. My vote doesn't matter, same as yours.

I bet they also wrote that there were billions of nazis in america because a couple hundred people had tiki torches in charlottesville

holy shit you truly can't answer.. this is hilarious. Conservatives marry children, and all you have to say is "wut about teh libruls dey sexualize teh chillun".

The office of POTUS has zero relevance to the premise of the discussion. It's about Louisiana laws on marriage which is specifically handled by the state. This is where an education comes in handy.

>ignores child marriage content and instead goes after source with dumb irrelevant points
what a pedo