What do you think about her? Retarded puppet for climate change activits or genius?

What do you think about her? Retarded puppet for climate change activits or genius?

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Not a genius, just a puppet.


Puppet, 100%.If it was a full grown member of the left establishment who tried to do what Greta did, it would never have gained as much traction.When an aspie kid does it, it's a totally different ball game. Very well played to be honest.

Neither, she's just an egotist who think she can make a difference

Disgrace to autists everywhere rivalling chris-chan


Carbon emissons since the year 2000 show the US and Europe on the decline and China and India doubling their emissions. China and India are now the main world contributors to CO2 emissions, with no improvements or changes in sight. If this was serious she would be attacking them endlessly, instead it's an assault upon western courts and corporations.

I would honestly BBQ this girl on a spit and mail the resulting "food' to Brussels if I could get ahold of her. Sinophile, liar, tool, communist. Dumb Soros-funded tube child with a fake bio written by a hook-nosed kike. Even people who believe in climate change shouldn't listen to this clown shoes piece of shit. Fuck you Greta.

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Neither - just an average kid saying something so obvious that you have to be the indoctrinated puppet for wasting so much energy trying to deny reality. Political conditioning has turned both the Right and the Left into mindless mobs lacking the ability for self-guided critical thinking.

You too, a lot of the people you think are "scientists" are paid pundits. Besides, why is the ONLY suggestion for the west to turn off it's factories and kill itself? Why can't China or India improve? Do we have to take them over to make that happen, is that what you people are saying?

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Fucking how? Because she parrots opinions?

Retarded Genius for a Activist Puppets

The fact that they used aerosol paint to make her mural tells you everything you need to know about all of this

She gets people mad, so she's a hero. Getting people mad is great

Uhh neither. She's just an autist who's passionate about the most alarming crisis that mankind is facing. And I find this obsession that right-wing asshats have with her to be really fucking weird.

When will she start dating a nigger?

that a shoop?

>most alarming crisis
Like it was in the 70s when the world was supposed to be in an ice age by '74? How about in 72 when they said by 75 the world was supposed to end? How about the acid rain in the 90s? Polar bears going extinct? Rain forests supposed to be completely gone by the 90s? Literally every one of Al Gore's predictions that was supposed to come true by 2012? Polar icecaps were supposed to be gone by now, what happened? It's almost like it's all bullshit.

>puppet for climate change activits
Try Scandinavian Energy Giants.

True. It's why I voted for Trump.