R8 my ass pls

r8 my ass pls

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9/10 would dang again

Fat as fuck.

is it too fat?

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would kiss

If it was a woman’s I’d wear it like a face mask

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I'm a man

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thx man

Great butt. Show me da bussy boss

Amazing plump booty



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And may god have mercy on your soul

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Love those milky thighs too

lol thx

plz tell me you have more

what do u want to see?

More of that ass at least haha.

here u go

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That's a pretty liberal use of the word man

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No shit, hips are too square musculature is in the shape of an upside down triangle

You dont need to tell us we are gay, we know

im so fucking tired of every thread having some dudes shit box

you people are so gay


sorry man

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more bulges jes

So fucking cute

would any of u tribute my pics?

Nice outfit !

more of you in that outfit. Got any vids of you playing with yourself on it?

practicing my twerking lol

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Welp, looks like I'm gay now

link your pornhub

oof, stroking rn. Got any more of you and your toys?

Christ imma bout nut a river

nope I haven't used toys
I don't have pornhub lol
good tribute me pls lol

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moree material to stroke my cooock pls

too fat.

what's with the chubby trap fetish nowadays ugh

Will you pose like this?

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Jiss.. just stop with this Sissy/trap hypno shit
>you will never be like a real girl

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Do you have any place to find more pictures of yourself?

Moar pink hole.

He's way prettier than that, so yes

Don't be jelly chonky pie

You are just spasming. Isolate your hips.

> Every thread

Man ass following you around huh? When in reality it's 1 in 30. Why are you so preoccupied.

he is just a boy with pale skin and makeup
i just hate it when i see the white men falling with this sissy training program

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And someone either looks good or not. Jes looks amazing.

This other nephlium should have passed the hat for hrt. Their mistake. I'd pay taxes for one like that to switch or mute. Anything to stop other maleness.

White? Jes is Korean. And why do you think you can but rails on free will? Why don't you see the only way is options. Why being so stupidly broad about race? There are plenty of feminine men of every race.

no wonder they are taking our women

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They can have them if they look like that.
And do you know what anecdotal means? That isn't a tread on 7 billion people

>They can have them if they look like that.

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One one girls somewhere kissed a nigger. Ok

If only modern white dudes did look like that.

Anywhere near east coast? I’m gonna fuck you.

East coast Korea?

Why do you censor your face now?

Oh no, sorry- the east coast of the US.

Are you still here? More pics for a tribute

be a man user

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Plain and uninteresting.

So a picture of a nigger speed dating party.

I am the only man. That is why I don't have any interest in anyone else being a man, and that is why I don't put value in womens' judgement.

You do realize your preoccupation with this means you are a sliver away from being a cuck/bbc bitch yourself, don't you?

Get you eyes checked.

This just means that even black men can't stand black women. Everyone wants the white girls because white is the superior race.

If a black man and a white woman have a baby, that baby is 1/2 white and 1/2 black. Meaning mixed, not black like you fucking retard niggers think. Skin color does not equate to the entire gene structure you neanderthal. There are mixed kids that look 100% white, but they are half black. Albino AA also have white skin, but everything else about them is black (except for red eyes if they have them, since most Albinos do). Yet you porch monkeys will torture them and cut off their fingers, toes, and whatever else (the correct term is "dismember", but you're too stupid to know this) because your legend has it that eating parts of them will cure the aids you all got from fucking anything in the jungle.

Nah nigga. One drop.

I like black women. Black women like classically Manish dude. White women are kinda gay and like bitchy men more.
But black men say black women are especially castrating with black men. Which is understandable, with their adolescent culture, and the typical scapegoating women do with any man they are with not "winning" at life, whatever the tv told them that is, no matter the odds.

is anyone actually falling for this? isn't this jess or w/e from the trap threads?

I knew I wasted my time writing all that out with you. Everybody is related to some degree, meaning we all have "one drop" to our relation. Sorry, let me speak your language.

> KFC, watermelon, scuffed Jays, bball, we wuz kangs, we is niggas. We is niggas but we aint niggers.

Are you a guy?

At least you learned something

Falling for what? And yes


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Kill yourself faggot

what forum is this? intrigued to read more from there

Bodybuilding four rooms.

>but he is right

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A simple electrolysis problem. Good normal bitch looking potential, for you pic.

For your YouTube tranny, look at that. What the fuck else is she supposed to do? That isn't forced. That is a naturally feminine boy. And pretty attractive. No amount of push ups is gonna man that up. And is that what you want? More men? Are you a fag?

>And is that what you want? More men? Are you a fag?
lol nice try faggot
i want more of this

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I want that and less men. Im straighter than you. I win

no user ..you want traps that looks like women
nice try

Oh I'm being told what I want.....you'd know better than me, you fucking projecting closet case.

wow easy boy
look this deep way deeper than what you think
>tranny will wake up one day and think WTF we have one to ourselves

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And....he is better off. Do you want a nerdy boy getting pussy or taking dick? Little fucker is cute as a button, looks better as a girl. Everyone wins. You don't have to fuck them ya know.

look i know more than you it's just crazy
..ok fuck it
>it's all demonic ..people don't just shwich gay like that

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What do you know? Dazzle me

And not they don't just switch. There was always that bitch in people, and I have no interest in them suppressing it.

>What do you know? Dazzle me
do you know how many times i got a BAN becuse i posted these kinda shit
>here a hint

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I see nothing too edgy

It's a trap!!!

that ok not many people can figure it out
>it's just crazy

Not even you it seems

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