Let's get this going again

Let's get this going again.

You know you have your doubts. Let me check your wife's/gf's loyalty. Send her kik snapchat ig or fb messanger name to joes2896 on kik or snapchat.

Don't post names here due to spammers and white knights.

Pics related

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Bumping to stay recent

You still doing your thing?

Need someone to loyalty test my wife. Only via text

Kik docker909 for details

Sent u a kik

I am. It's been difficult to get girls to add me...but its part.of the process. Just need to ride the wave

Bumping again

What happens if I don't have A Kik or Snapchat

Indont have one or ur girl?

U dont have one or ur girl?

Make a kik and message me

Damn ok

If you can get even a face pic from her I'd be amazed

Snapchat btw

She's gonna be spammed. Dont post names here

I sent it to you. Let's see if she will stay true. Bump as well

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My gfs snap: honeybomb97

Bunch of idiots. Either larping, or somehow have a Gf and willing to ruin it by doing this. Either 1. Bc she’s disgusted you’d even attempt something so perverted and stupid 2. You don’t trust her enough to not post her social info online and have a bunch of weirdos send her dick pics in an attempt to get her to cuck you. Wtf is with this shit? “You know you have your doubts” way to feed on the weak minded and insecure

Dont judge the motives

text my gf Her name is Alexandria 6475573820

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Where do we show you results. Kik?

This is her

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Post them here if you want. IDC i know she cheats on me but she dosent think I know. Shes a slut


Your kik?

But my spouse did cheat user. She said she wanted it to make it work and swing if this is true.

Just post anything here. shes dumb af. Works in a hotel, say you know me (jake) or were a guest in the hotel she gives her number to ppl

Why are you still with her then

I already am going just was going to share results with you

Shes hot and I like fucking her.

Why are you with her then? I'd smash her with you though.