Makes people mad by knowing what the greenhouse effect is

>Makes people mad by knowing what the greenhouse effect is

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people ironically make her more powerful and well known the more they rage about her. I think it's hilarious.

more like the (((greenhouseberg effect)))

she'll end up like the buzzcut spic chick and the Hogg, completely forgotten about in a few months

>hurr durr the empirical data that shows the oceans getting warmer every year is a Jewish conspiracy
You're retarded

People do not like to be wrong. It makes them feel stupid.
Americans especially fear what they do not understand. If it goes against what they believe they refuse to listen.

Are you insuinating that the scientific evidence is reliable and it's actually the oil corporations protecting their profits that are lying to us?. Get out of here.

Jews are shifty and controlling but not that shifty.

They also don't like being blamed for something that isn't directly in their control. Easily the most triggered race on earth.

makes me mad because I keep seeing her ugly mug

Once you stop watching porn, you realise this is what normal people look like.

the ocean is cold as fuck get outta here dummy

Imagine being so cucked you believe this blatant semitic attempt to control your lives

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>thread immediately turns into a “da j00z!!!” shitshow
Sup Forums has ruined this site

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>makes people mad by talking about greenhouse effects instead of porn

Normal people don't look like their parents had Down's Syndrome... It's either that or they're cousins...

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The world is ending in 12 years. That's what she said.
Funnily, I heard the same thing from scientists in the 70s. And 80s. And 90s. And 00s. And 10s. And here we are.

that doesn't really address what OP is saying tho. those are completely different examples of totally different scenarios. one is a campaign, the other a contentious event unfolding in real time and there happened to be a camera on.

Soo...nice one Elon

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Even a complete retard can understand that the smirking faggot had bad intensions and was deliberately antagonizing while the angry girl has good intensions rallying politicians to act on environmental policies.
The fact that you even saved that picture is evidence that your social understanding is comparable to someone highly autistic.

i'm just sick of hearing about her so much, in the grand scheme of things she's not an important person at all

gotta agree. Greta is out *doing* something positive. the maga hat kid just stood there doing nothing.

what is she actually doing?


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Raising awareness at least.

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So not confronting an aggressive nigger shows he had "bad intentions"? On what fucking planet?


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I say we rape greta. Put that mouth to good use.

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Ooooh yeah.

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she's an advocate that travels around the world and raises awareness of an important issue that affects everyone on the planet. are you retarded?

That shit is hilarious. Pity it had a kid though. Single mothers create scummy kids who end up being really shitty people.

So nothing then. She's literally doing nothing.

My diseased hobo dick is ready for environmental protection pussy.

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Must Watch Top 10 Reasons Why Greta Thunberg Is a Fraud

Yep I know.

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Nobody ever literally meant that the world was ending in 12 years. It's always been in reference to 'x many years since we experience y degree of heating' which has mostly panned out accurately.

Otherwise, it's been people poorly reporting on the science rather than the words of scientists themselves. The science isn't unreliable just because news organizations do an absolute shit job of reporting on it.

The world is heating up, faster than it ever has before. We know this for a fact. We know for a fact that it's not the orbital dynamics causing it because we understand them to a high degree of precision. We know for a fact that it's our carbon output that's producing it, because we can both replicate it mathematically based on our knowledge of physics and chemistry, and also because we can literally measure the C02 carbon in the air, see it rise, and measure that the particular isotopes of carbon increasing come from from sources of fossil fuel.

There's literally no arguments against anthropogenic climate change.

Except it's a non-issue, and the real agenda is socialism under a worldwide government.

If you retards actually wanted to support planting trees, cleaning up garbage and castrating Africans, Indians and Asians so they stop breeding like rabbits (so we can live sustainably and cleanly), then maybe we can agree, but you can fuck right off with this socialist bullshit.

I wanna be an Olympian too! Just look at the awesome fanbase!

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> part of United Nations summit
> hurt she do nothing
> that's just one day in her life
haha stay mad faggot

It's not heating up faster than ever. That's why they stopped calling it global warming. And if you actually looked at historical data, you'd know why they only start their bullshit agenda at 1950 and not 1890.

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It gets wrapped up in socialist issues because it's literally too big of a problem to be handled at the individual level.

Corporations produce the vast majority of the polution. Therefore, this problem has to be handled at the level of corporations and governance.

There is no denying the overwhelming scientific evidence that this is a real problem.

The ice man cometh to rape you while yore asleep.

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>durr hurr how dare yuOooO

how dare what, not having a 100% increase instead of 10 or 15%? how about the giant hole where our carbon growth would have been? so it's more like 165% isn't it? meanwhile china and india are building new coal-fired power plants and are responsible for 90% of the trash in the ocean.

Fuck you, Greta.

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That image explains this...

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how fucking delusional can you be when you've been so goddamn brainwashed that you unironically believe calls to save the planet from the people exploiting it's every resource at an unsustainable rate makes someone "the next Hitler". How can you be so fucking delusional that you identify with and defend people who piss out glasses of wine worth more than you make an a year or bottles worth more than your pension, which they will happily steal away from you, money which they've made by exploiting people like you, and the planet you live on, destroying it for a short term profit because they know they can have their fun and won't live to see the consequences of their actions.

I just do not understand being so God damn stupid that you see yourself as a victim of those who are trying to protect the planet you live on, and make sure your crotch goblins have a planet that doesn't actively try and destroy them like the virus they are as you indoctrinate them into thinking they are temporarily broke millionaires and that they should identify with these people who will gladly exploit them and their children for virtual slave wages and destroy the planet for the highest bidder

These people are so fucking delusional it's sickening

They would gladly side with people who would love nothing more to pay them and their children a slaves wage in deadly working conditions running their companies like monarchies making sure that you stay in your place, and with what we've seen, they would probably fucking thank them for the changes and Pat each other on the back talking about how it's just "the free market working" as they try and convince each other they benefited from the changes the most

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They stopped calling it global warming out of a PR attempt because buttfrustrated Republicans kept going outside in winter being like "hurr Durr there's snow on the ground where's the global warming?!"

It is warming up faster than ever. Show me one other period of climate history where we've witnessed change on this scale without some sort of apocalyptic event attached to it. This doesn't happen.

And yeah, Arrhenius started writing about the greenhouse effect and it's predicted effect on climate back in 1890's-ish. It's not new science. But only in the past few decades have we had the relevant global data tracked to a high enough level of precision to watch it happen in real-time.

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Then why aren't you cunts protesting in China and India, who pollute more than all of the other countries on the planet combined? Oh that's right, none of you have jobs, so you can't afford the fucking plane tickets, so you block our streets and public transport systems, and increase emissions by refusing to let people move, and somehow think that's helping.

Just read any one of these and save people from your delusion.

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Its because the effort of discovering this shit seems astronomically small compared to the effort of convincing the dumbest fucks on earth of the facts you have discovered, only to be met with vehemence at the fact that you are more informed than they are.

There's been almost no change in the past 20 years. You're full of shit.

Show me a pussy and ill fuck it. Pic related. Pussy that is more useful than greta.

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I think climate/evidence deniers are comparable to the people who would burn others at the stake for saying the earth revolves the sun. Fucking delusional.

She has been doing this advocating for years.

Only retards are paying attention now because she got brought into relevancy by the media. She is nothing but a corporate shill.

She has claimed to see CO2. If anyone actually believes her and her bullshit I feel sorry for them because she is a puppet and a retard.

Really? You're going to use Google as your source - the search engine known for suppressing anything they don't like? Hell, you can't even do a Google search for "tits" without Google giving you images of faggots fucking each other. Just fuck off.

Nigger time.

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Never believe that Republicans are completely unaware of the absurdity of their replies. They know that their remarks are frivolous, open to challenge. But they are amusing themselves, for it is their adversary who is obliged to use words responsibly, since he believes in words. The anti-Semites have the right to play. They even like to play with discourse for, by giving ridiculous reasons, they discredit the seriousness of their interlocutors. They delight in acting in bad faith, since they seek not to persuade by sound argument but to intimidate and disconcert. If you press them too closely, they will abruptly fall silent, loftily indicating by some phrase that the time for argument is past.

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Building awareness helps. Disruption helps. Governments have to know we need change.

And to be fair - China has been investing massively in renewable resources because they're fully aware of the problem this will pose in coming decades. They're also still opening coal-fired plants, but that's part of an economic concern to increase the average standard of living. As standards of living improve, we can expect them to heavily shift to renewable resources.

And this isn't that kind of fucking blame game. Just because somebody else isn't at the same point or isn't doing the same job, doesn't give us an excuse to slack off about what we can do. Lazy ass shitty excuse from a bitter piece of shit that's never looked for themselves at what is right and good, and only looks at getting what's their's and whining about what they think is fair in their perverted, selfish worldview.

Just identify as a woman. Hell, you'll even be able to shower with them. Don't you just love how fucked up current year is because of leftards?

Reeeeing, having a larger carbon footprint than any two of us combined, and being a decent lolcow.


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No i'm going off a particular author that has spend literal decades researching not only climate change but the scientific studies that validate the data. Fucking hell you proof-deniers are seriously brainwashed.

Looks like someone skinned the Caterpillar from Alice and Wonderland.

Greta in 10 years. Full-blown enviro-dyke chimping out.

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The global climate is COOLING.
The Sun drives climate.
We've entered the Eddy grand solar minimum.
Anyone spouting the anthropogenic CO2 climate lie/scam/delusion is a gullible left wing dunce.

Lol, this.

Ugly bitch man.

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Trolling niggas

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>>"What is actually causing the alt-right"
Overcorrection. "These specific left-leaning people are shitting me off, I can only respond by distancing myself as far as possible politically."

Wheeee! Where's the lolis? Lolis make everything better.

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Similar thing with Gen Z, they are going hard-right because Millennials and Gen Xers tried so hard to demonize anybody who isn't a soy-chugging hypercuck that they accidentally made traditional values edgy and rebellious.

Thats the point man. And more lolis.

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Yep. Nobody wants to be nuanced...

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Natural climate change deniers are primarily raving liberal lunatics.

Right. Its all the accredited scientists specializing in their fields that are wrong.
It must be this Sup Forumstard who is right.


nothing spins up ignorant retards more than being outwitted by a young female. she will accomplish more in her life than the complaining nitwits would accomplish in 10,000 of their lives.

Grant fund biased consensus is not considered reliable.

agreed only industry and private funded science is unbiased.


Has she ever planted a fucking tree? Didn't think so.

Greenhouse gases are compromised of about 95% water vapour, almost 5% CO2 from dead plants, animals, fish, volcanoes and other natural phenomenon, and just 0.28% of man made CO2. These globalist wankers are killing the planet.

he's pointing towards the one he likes

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This. Also there is no 97% consensus. That is a flat out lie too.

Yeppers he sure is.

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It's hilarious how Americans are so manipulated by political discourse. You do realise the political spectrum is designed to distract you from polices that are in the best interest of multi-billion dollar corporations?

Hitler had the strictest environmental and animal welfare policies in the world and was a vegetarian, guess we should start calling him a libtard then?


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>They would gladly side with people who would love nothing more to pay them and their children a slaves wage in deadly working conditions running

The companies that do stuff like that are the big ones that outsource production to India and China.