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What's to discuss? Videogames and TV make you a useless faggot.

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>stop playing video games and go rape and pillage!

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This but unironically.


>poor inbred barbarians who only pick fights with farmers and got ass raped when any of the kingdoms actually sent a militia

>yeah bro fuck off and die in a foreign shithole so banks can make money
Not video games

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What is masculinity worth if the only way to obtain it is to die before 30 of a blade in the guts or tuberculosis?

finally someone is brave enough to say what we're all thinking

We are not niggers. We have advanced our civilization to the point we can pass time by better means than pillaging.

I thought warriors were the elite of their group

the reason video games are so popular worldwide is that people crave the adventures and triumphs of days gone, not working in a factory for a faceless corporation
it's unironically why so many young men join shit like ISIS, they're working towards a purpose and ideal

>unironically supporting being a Germanic raider
I hope you guys aren't like this.

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Lies.. He looks like he is enjoying playing EVE online, and we all know that's impossible

Yes, exactly.

Sounds good.

Average male was a rural laborer who grew crops entirety of his life, they weren't even drafted in wars until industrialization started to make peasantry obsolete.

The world has become more peaceful and productive. Good.

Some things never change... men going out fighting each other for the lolz (life was boring af back then). Today we do it digitally so we don't have to get wet and/or die.

Sounds like your average incels now.

Could a viking survive in nullsec? I thought not, faggot.

Would you rather have to risk your life for your country or some god or just sit around everyday jacking off to girls?

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Actual civil wars are fought on the internet now.
You know it's true when companies start to pay people money to lurk and post on this imageboard.

The average male would have been some toothless mook sowing the land for some lord or some shit.

They're supposed to be entertainment, not what you do all day, lardass.

>g*rman raiders

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>implying the average male plays EVE online
you need at least triple digit IQ to enjoy EVE

I'm a personal trainer.

i fucking hate boomers


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>young men dying for ultimately nothing and causing trauma to both his and other's families
>young man having fun doing what he likes
I don't see the problem

That's not the average male. Average males were farmers who were being slaughtered by the men in the picture.

Then what's the problem here, moron? Jesus Christ you're a fucking imbecile.


The only Allied war crime was that they didn't Dresden every G*rman city.

>raiding and pillaging
>raiding and pillaging
Based Islanders never change.

Imagine being coerced into this line of thinking by facebook ads.

warrior classes were minorities, even in warrior republics like athens.

Are you okay?

EVE is fucking based

Is this really the best you've got?

Based Sup Forums thread

Is this really the best you've got?

Is this really the best you've got ?

Is this really the best YOU'VE got?

Thread really gained in quality now that it's in Sup Forums

Only if you forget about The English, the Russians, and the French.

Industrialization in the 800s? Yeah, most armies were made up of farmers, and butchers, and tanners, and coopers, and whateverthefuckother jobbers were around. Having men dedicated to only the military was highly uncommon until fairly recently in history, with volunteer armies. The idea that a peasant farmer could rise to be a king is what makes the whole Viking culture appealing to most people. Most of us are-get this-common people!

>fairly recently in history

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Better than withering away or dying of cancer.

>Having men dedicated to only the military was highly uncommon until fairly recently in history
It was the basis of early greek and roman societies. Of course, the citizen class wasn't entirely dedicated to war but the average citizen (read: middle and high-middle classes, people who could afford equipment) often dedicated the better part of their lives to training and participating in war.

The ancient greek republics in general and the old roman republic didn't draft their unwashed peasants and armed them to war. They usually weren't just levy's hearded together by some effeminate aristocrat controlling the state. The warriors in armor you see were men of relative wealth and ambition who used war as a means to enter public life and be rewarded by its spoils.

There are still men in this world and they don't have to be in the army to be a man. If you are talking about this dude, we can only assume that he is a loser because he's playing videogames. Maybe he has a job and supports himself. You can't compare the middle ages to now. It was a primitive time period where the cut off age was 30 because modern medicine and science had yet to be discovered.

>It was a primitive time period where the cut off age was 30
This meme needs to die. Men who reached adulthood would often live to their sixties and seventies back then. The reason they calculate that the "cut off age" was 30 is because they take child mortality into account, and that was in fact much more common.
I don't even know why people believe in this shit. Do you see people today require very special medical treatments the instant they reach the age of 30 or 40? My father is 60 and he never went to the doctor for anything serious. No major surgery, no special medicine to keep him alive, etc. He is average. The major difference is that if you have an infectuous disease now it is easily treatable with penicillin, while in older ages it was often certain death.

But the average wasnt a viking. If everyone is a viking, no one makes food and everyone starves