How does it feel that China could soon take over the world?

How does it feel that China could soon take over the world?

Possibly as soon as the next 10 years, if Trump doesn't get the second term or the left makes any progress

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Fuck idk man I live in the wood I don’t give a fuck. fuck’em

>if Trump doesn't get the second term or the left makes any progress
>blatant triggered trumptard
kek sage

China's economy is going to stall, the average age of their workers is rapidly increasing. China's population could drop to almost 1 billion by 2100. India is going to have a larger population count by 2050 if trend's continue.

You literally made the same post yesterday. China’s military has not had any major engagements recently. The United States would blockade their eastern sea ports. Most people would ally with USA and not a communist Ching Chong country. Take your Winnie the Pooh and go drown yourself in honey you fucking faggot.

You realize China invading the US would affect you even if you live in the woods. Do you buy food nigga?

They have no aircraft carriers. I believe they have one. Are they going to swim across to Alaska? They have a giant ocean to cross and somehow support their military that has not fought in any major wars. They have literally no experience. They’re just going to cross a giant ocean and somehow defeat a country where there are three times as many guns as people? Not a fucking chance.

It's true, Trump exposed the fuck out of the chinese climate scam

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this guy knows how to deal with muslims

Even the rest of the west(incl. OZ, NZ and the honorary western Japan) sold the US out with the Paris climate deal and sided with China

They're just setting an example of how they're gona treat Gweilos after they've collapsed the west

>Possibly as soon as the next 10 years, if Trump doesn't get the second term or the left makes any progress
imagine being this much of a triggered drumpfer

>Trump exposed
the only thing he's ever exposed is the elastic of his diapers faggot

They don't need to, invade anything. After they've bought up and conquered Europe, they can just slap an embargo on the US


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You're so stuck on the orange man bad narrative that you cant even see at the bigger picture.

Watch less CNN or whatever pro-chinese propaganda chanell you're downloading your "thoughts" from

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get out npc

Whats up with this china hate in the mainstream?

Already in recession, built too high, too fast, they built for 100% laowais falling for it and that's not happening. They're actually pretty fucked, I mean, they built whole empty engineered cities their own people can't afford to move to so they sit empty. They're probably just idiots in the end.

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You speak like a looser. Yeah... China Wins.

They are both that faggot and Trump fucking it up already. If you knew about global trade you would know that a trade war is the most stupid thing.

What the fuck planet are you even on?

China is nazi Germany, soviet Russia and Black Mirror-tier digifaschism rolled into one.

The True 4th Reich

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China has exactly 0 chance of taking over the world. You triggered Breitbart readers are just 2019's Red Scare.

I`m more worried about the west copying chinas dystopian shit. Thinking its a good idea. Some idiots will try and do it.

Like social score.

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Theres Andrew Yang.

A fittingly chinese candidate for a fittingly anti-western Democrat Party who's planning to plug the US into the Social Credit system.

Oh, and theres the liability called Silicon Valley

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china will never invade the USA. It would be stupid and lethargic to think we wouldnt see an armada of chinks making their way across the Pacific. Plus too many americans are armed and can be quickly trained in guerilla and insurrection tactics.

tl;dr you're a bloody fool.

faggots coping

>andrew yang

isn't the dude Taiwanese

They already own entire the 3rd world through debt traps.

They're rapidly buying up Europe and peddling climate politics that only serves China.

Im honestly scared. I guess well be fine for a while but the world will change over time

It doesn't matter, hes a yellow democrat that wants to install a social credit system in the US

Jokes on you, I'll kill myself before Winnie the Pooh rules me.

>install a social credit system in the US
voluntary banking reeeee

If you do not think attacking western masculinity and using climate taxes and regulations to force businesses to relocate to China isn't anti-western, what is?

>attacking western masculinity
oh you're a fragile little bitch, got it
>force businesses to relocate to China
capitalism bucko

China can't even scare off some protesters in one of it's biggest cities.

The whole concept of superpowers is a myth anymore. It's just competing houses of cards just waiting for their oppressed proletariats to get their shit together and start beheading suits.

I hope this post doesn’t affect your social credit score in China. If you lose enough points they will send you to prison and harvest your organs. You can just volunteer to have your brain removed. Society would be better off having you not taking our oxygen.

>oh you're a fragile little bitch, got it
Yeah thinking might not be your strongest skill, as you just implied that climate taxes and regulations are capitalism, bucko

They did convince Europe,Canada,Australia and NZ to undermine themselves and took over the entire third world unchallenged

What if I told you that you can see trump for the dumpster fire he is without taking biased crap one media organisation or another wants to shove down your throat.

Take over the world? In what sense exactly?

And what kind of challenge did you expect from the third world?

It's the capitalism "forcing" those companies to move. Go where we can make more money in the short-term, and abandon all morals, ye who enter here.

And the western countries are making themselves unappealing to the capitalists on purpose, see where i'm getting at?

I don't know, refuse China's "help"?

Taking the US's place and using it to impose it's horrifying vision on everyone including plugging the world into it's dystopian social credit system

Glad to see China's online propaganda division is in full swing

no because you've not got a point.

As opposed to... what? Simply letting the capitalists do literally whatever they want? I don't see much difference between that and China. Money- and power-hungry selfish douches with no respect or concern for the general population. Meanwhile if the capitalists had sense they'd know the long-term outcome of relocating to China is empowering China and eventually losing all money and power to the glorious leader. I'd prefer the short-term losses and the longer-term gains of staying in the west. But fuck that, there's profits to make and shareholders want their dividends, no matter the long-term or non-financial costs.

Just because you can't comprehend it doesn't mean i dont have a point

>As opposed to... what? Simply letting the capitalists do literally whatever they want?

Its working out for China more than fine.

>I don't see much difference between that and China

The difference is how China uses its rewards, which is communism, the social credit system and concentration camps

My point is simply that we'd be fucked either way. Different dick, different positing, still getting fucked and not enjoying it.

they're exterminating arabs and I'm okay with that

I think state sponsored genocide is a bit more severe that what capitalism in the west can achieve

And they're exterminating others too.
They will be exterminating white people too once its possible

I thought the US was the greatest nation on Earth. Surely they have become strong because you have become weak - by voting a demented con-artist TV billionaire boomer who convinced you that everything wrong in the world is the fault of foreigners and immigrants.

That sound like you only graduate from grammar school in Mississippi. Only get info from disgrace spin doctor on retarded media, Twitter and blogs. They can't even control the Cantonese... how gonna take the west non economically on cheap manufacturing goods that last no more then 6months? China going down and the other south east Asian nations are starting to take cheap labor goods away from fatty the poo

Reasonably controlled, socially-responsible capitalism, sure. Four-year-olds in factories, anyone in factories with no safety considerations... I find neither acceptable.

You are stuuupid.
As it stands neither could invade the other, and neither would want to, logistically its undoable. IF there was an ally allowing for a full army massing on the border then maybe, but that would basically require something like Russia allying with USA. South China would just be Vietnam all over again.

Neither country wants war. Think of the economic issues. China has massive industry, because America pours money in. If they go to war it would be like starving China with no money or purpose for industry and USA would then have to build up industry as its economy collapses, and/or try to somehow get the things (like rare earth metals) which it gets from China now. It would just be a massive headache with NO gains for anybody.
It would only happen if some full on ww2 Nazi shit went down

You make more money from cheap lowgrade goods that you can sell to the consumers again and again than something they only have to buy once.

And the south east asia point is moot since the countries are in debt to China so their tax money pretty much is China's tax money.

This could actually work without all the expensive climate bullshit.

The democrat treehuggers and attack helicopters made the US weak

>It would just be a massive headache with NO gains for anybody.

It would be nothing but gains for everyone that appreciates freedom.

Though i will say, it would be very difficult to pull off.