She cute

She cute

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lmao dude no.

she is ok

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There he is! Up and at 'em on the east of the USA, ready to go spamming AOC for the next 16 hours.

That's what makes the dumpster incels so crazy.

>ywn make queso fresco from her milkies

why is that chupacabra wearing glasses

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why does that pile of butterscotch dog shit have teeth?

It amazes me how fucking divided your shithole of a country is.

I find it hilarious.

Get ready for even more entertainment because the next civil war is going to start in less than 2 years. At least 100 million will die.

Her tits really are exceptional

Can't wait.

That country and the orange man is literally the only reason why the world can't move forward.

lol there aren't civil wars when the economy is doing this well. no one is dying in this environment.

Will never happen

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to put it more concretely people are entirely too comfortable in their day to day lives right now for them to fucking pick up a weapon and start murdering people

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She looks like a stereotypical high school girlfriend. She's a 6.

>the orange man

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he's not wrong you know, looks like his spraying tan expired

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>no one is dying in this environment.

Well, I mean except for all the global warming victims.

Looks like your typical liberal slut. She’s worth a fuck

That's the bitch who kept fucking up my latte! I hope the coffee house finally fired this incompetent nincompoop.

Is there one where Devin Nunes does AOC?

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except kids in school amirite lol

your gun policies are retarded, as much as your orange president

So nobody then... Hell, islands have grown by roughly 3%, in spite of the fact that you retards support socialist scumbags who claimed coastal cities would be under water by the year 2000 (all the way back in 1989).

Check out the Zeducation channel on YouTube. He uploaded a video earlier showing just how incompetent leftards are. Funniest shit I've seen since Trump got elected.

Are you fucking retarded? White cop supremacists are literally murdering black people for no reason whatsoever.. ICE agents are literally murdering immigrants because they're brown and think they're illegal aliens.. white incels are literally killing kids in school because they can't get laid and are pathetic virgins like most of you... but hey, no one is dying.

Even if that was happening (which it's not), what the fuck does that have to do with "climate change"? You leftards have hit new levels of retardation never seen before. I hope somebody analyses your brains after the purge to find out what's wrong with you idiots...

yes. As long as she doesnt voice any opinion

>are pathetic virgins like most of you

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>global warming is real

Dumbfuck, I'm not a "leftard", I hate your fucking country and I hate how you literal autist think everything is black or white, left or right. No, I never talked about climate change, I'm talking about all the chaos and separation your crybaby orange president in your shithole of a country is causing. All the hatred and white supremacy, fascism and literal Nazis are crawling out of their cockroach holes and causing more mayhem, death and destruction than ever before. You are literally the laughing stock of the whole world.


Moron that can't use literally or ironic the way it's intended.


Trump does have his flaws, but for all those he's still 10x the president Obama ever was.

>ignorantly drinking dad's jizz


>3rd world denizen talking shit

Make a thread about your shithole then, you pathetic little internet faggot cock sucker.

Obama was a muslim born in Kenya, he was technically never president as only Americans can legally serve.

First of all, this is about climate change. Secondly, racism and sexism were almost gone in the 90s, and gays were openly accepted. The only reason you faggots are facing backlash is because you're attacking people. Trump's election was the result of cunts like you. And finally, I'm not even American, but holy crap the 2016 election was glorious. Your tears of soy sustain me.

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Whether that is the case or not, it's widely acknowledged he was the worst US president in American history. Trump is an infinitely better president than Obama already simply by undoing the damage Obama did while in the White House.

Climate change is real.

You can insult me all you want, friend, but my country is within the top 3 in education, health care, and safety.

Not that you would know any of that, it's sad really and I genuinely feel sorry for all of you.

>the result cunts like you
>i'm not even american

holy shit, your autism is leaking

but global warming isnt

It's ironic that you identify so much with that term that you even have a special image to use every time it triggers something inside of you.

That's what's ironic, faggot.

Holy fucking shit. I give up, really.

You all ignorant retards are going to be the cause of the destruction of the world, but firstly your own demise.

And frankly, I cannot wait.

>Man made global cooling - 1970's conjecture, the "Big Freeze"
>Man made global warming - Al Gore apostles, the new religion
>Climate change

Lol, sorry but there's never been any clear demonstration of global warming.

All they've ever done is cherry picked data and lied about scientific consensus.

Bet she smells like tacos.

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Who the fuck said it was about climate change you stupid fucking idiot? Never in all of my posts I mentioned climate change as a result of death, just some other faggot user mentioning "climate change victims" and you keep mentioning that but it was never part of my arguments. Just like Trump, stuck in a loop of ignorance and arrogance.

The acid rain is going to destroy whole cities!

this, people talk the talk but can they walk the walk? smart money says no

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You're really brave from your keyboard.

>Not that you would know any of that,
How could I? I'm supposed to read your mind over the internet and know where you're from?
You're too embarrassed to mention it, that's how assblasted you are, you little internet faggot cock sucker.

people mad as fuck in this thread

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if your into horses or donkeys

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Carbon emissions get stuck in the ozone layer, causing a greenhouse effect and fucking up the planet. It is time to change to renewable energies. This is a fact and the mere thought of you not understanding this really makes me wonder of how fucked up your educational system really is.

But that's the whole fucking point, your system wants to keep you ignorant in order to suck up on the fossil fuel energies so big corporations can keep getting richer and richer.

What a nice comeback. Out of ideas huh?

I want her taco flavored kisses

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Why in the hell would I mention my country? You could literally google "top 3 countries" and I assure you, it will always be there. It's not my fault that you're so fucking retarded as to infer it and figure it out on your own. But hey, you're the 'muricunt who can't figure out a better insult, but I can't imagine a bigger insult than being from such a shithole country like yours.

God I wish she'd chomp off my balls.

No such thing as global warming, al gore gone to your head and made you paranoid, only thing happening is climate change, which ALWAYS happening, just like evolution, small step at a time..

>Well, I mean except for all the global warming victims.

Your cognitive dissonance is astounding. Your brains will need to be studied after the purge.

Leftards are the same all around the world, except in Australia where the feminazis have gone full retard. It's amazing how globalist scumbags like you have no idea of what happens outside of your safe spaces...

She’s one of the more attractive members of the government (granted that isn’t saying much) but she’s got them crazy eyes. Like, chop your dick off in the middle of the night for not doing the dishes kinda eyes

Oh my fucking God.

>Never in all of my posts I mentioned climate change, just some other faggot user mentioning "climate change victims"

The fact that I had to mention THREE FUCKING TIMES that I was not the one who mentioned global warming is really astounding, and then you replying to me assuming I was, clearly means that you have a serious fucking problem in the head. Go get checked user, you should not be walking freely on the streets.

Then why the fuck are you responding to a comment that wasn't directed at you, you fucking moron? Go back to licking windows, because you're clearly too fucking stupid to be here.

Could be. Seems easy enough to do.
I don't have the interest of time.
Kids' stuff.

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she has a pretty good body shape but she's a butter face and if her clothes were off, I'm sure her nipples and pussy lips are dark brown along with her skin around her asshole

Read it again.. take your time, really. Read it slowly. Try to read it out loud to see if your tiny fucking brain can process the information that I wrote.. try to find the exact precise moment and the letters forming the words "global warming" in my post.

You clearly said NO ONE was dying, including global warming, I then proceeded to mention several examples of people who are actually dying in your shithole of a country due to the white supremacism of the orange president.

It's not my fault you are a fucking retard who cannot understand that there are more than one people replying to the same posts. I recommend you search for ad hominem examples for arguing, instead of looking like a brainless baboon.

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Nah, more like perfume and body lotion. Maybe nice dry shampoo, as well. Probably pretty damn nice.

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You are a fucking retard, and the fact that there are millions of people like you (mostly in 'murica) that fear with all their might that their wrong in things which they don't understand, it's scary as fuck. Most unpredictable and trigger-happy people on earth.

kek, saved to trigger lefties

>my ass

There's a whole thread about this, there's always a thread about this, it's always the same. People providing proof and people refusing to accept it.


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The lack of her Goddess tier tootsies is disheartening.

>People providing proof
They don't provide real sourced proof but rather asspull conjecture.

is there a porn girl looking like her

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>just made up bullshit with no sources
I rest my case.

I'd bang her

Oh yeah sure, I just literally made this up.


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AOC is living proof that if a woman has C cups or better and is on TV millions of thirsty virgin will that woman is attractive, regardless of her face, voice, or intelligence

> biased garbage
Got any real sources

>She cute
yes, like cute horse

I can't even fathom the decadent aromas emanating from those sweety feet.

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Who are you kidding faggot? Literally any fucking source I could post you would act like the little bitch you are and say it's biased.

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>I got nothing

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Soo...he was behind that...?

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Fuck you.