Women never liked anal

Women never liked anal

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>All women are the same.
>All men like cars and sports.

some do, mine does, and it's fucking hot

>tfw cumming balls deep in a qt3.14 butthole

Older guy here. Every female I’ve hooked up or dated gave up her asshole on the first or second date , I never ask. Especially in the last 5 years women have become less reserved about being anal sex.

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Some do. I've known a few.


anal is fucking hot, many will like it if you do it right

But they poop from there?

me neither. i like girls for a reason, i dont care about portability of my intercourses. i also hate java.

I don't like women who like it but I like doing it with them

Java is fine, don't be an asshat ffs

ok boomer

Who cares what women like?

I see more sheep stuck on the latest “buzz word”

Introduced wife to it. She loves it. Knows I can cum inside her anytime now.
We discovered that's her thing.

Many do. GF and ex love it and ask for it.
I don't like it, to be honest. Bashing my cock up against a turd is a big turnoff, and the smell...

Sheep my ass!

Boomers ruined us. And the continue to do so.

Get in the sea.

Same here. 3/4 times I'm cumming in my wife ass, and she simply puts my dick up in her bum. This way we always cumming together.

My gf cums really hard and quickly from ass but rarely ask for it, she insteads begs me to stick my fingers while I fuck her or to wear her anal plug...
Peraphs I have a little dick and she needs the extra filling in the anus or she is a pervert but doesn't want to admit it.

anal doesnt even feel good from the mans side..its way less tight than regular sex..to see it in porn, you would think it would be super tight and feel so good..but it dont..the fact that i never hear others say this makes me wonder how many others actually know..

fellow zoomer here
Not everything that old people say is bullshit, lots of times is wise stuff. Can confirm what geezer user is saying. Gf loves it. Times are changing fast.

Also, 10/10 butthole over there, old man

That's the point. It's degrading and signifies power over the receiver.

My Gf doesn't mind and another chick I fuckes in the anus didn't either so yeah well .... its a preference thing

only good anal is painal as god intended. bleed

I beg the difference I like anal its thight not always tighter then a pussy but sometimes it's great

Either OP has a monster cock that they're not ready for or he just shit

ok boomer

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My wife have introduced me to anal:
>be me
>sexy time with wife
>doggy styles, she is fingering herself, I'm rimming her shit hole with muh dik
>suddenly she stops
>looks at me and with gorgeous smirk simply press her ass against my hips
>dick went smoothly in
>instant cum

From this point I don't fuck her vaginally, she doesn't want it anymore. All she wants is ANAL. It's been already 3 years... Sometimes I miss her puss...

Or it's too small to be enjoyable.
My GF wants big and hard up the ass. Got her toys for that, apparently they are too short.

My gf finds it more loving and trusting as opposed to the Dom thing. But that's gay

You’ve obviously never fucked a woman in the ass then. It makes my gf cum.

retarded fake story, no way a woman would want only anal for years unless her pussy is broken or you have a shitty dick

Idk what pussy you’ve had but I want it if it’s tighter than my gfs ass

You ned to practice anal faggot

The only reason to fuck women in the ass is to cause them pain and degrade and demean them. It's purely for a man's pleasure at her expense.

Yeah that is the point, her pussy is broken and everytime I fucked her she was in pain and bleeding afterwards... Many infections, lots of problems... Right now we are gathering cash for surgery.

Don't have to believe me you retarded fake.

Soo...nice one Elon

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Sound untrue

The point is to introduce her to something she never did or did not know she enjoyed. It takes extra set up (sometimes) and they love that.

Just do the pinky test when you eat her pussy or press your thumb against her asshole when doing it doggie style. Her reactions will be informative as to next steps.

Who cares

Same problem here Sup Forumsro. But instead of anal I'm getting hand/blowjobs. My girlfriend doesn't let me in her ass, and I'm hurting her pussy. Gotta dump that bitch and get some real nimpho.

your wife is a trap

idk man, I love my girl to rim and finger my asshole as much as the next guy and I've never felt "dominated", so to speak. She's literally putting her eating hole in my shitting hole. That's pretty degrading if you think about it that way. But I love my girl, so I'm not interested in degrading her in any way. It's about how you act that dictates the "vibe" of the sex.

Also when she sticks her fingers up my butt I don't arch my back like a bitch and just take it as a dude. She, in turn, does it in a very feminine way. It's pretty insecure to think that you "might be gay" just because you like your prostate milked. Even if it turns out that you're 10% or 20% homosexual and that's the reason you like your ass played with, who gives a shit? Only you, man, and only if you're a sissy lil bitch.
You're still the man if you let yourself be.
Start lifting, you'll boost your testosterone.

Huh never thought about it like that. Now I'm concerned... I must find her childhood photos... Thanks user, you have opened my eyes.

My wife hates it but insists we do it on my birthday because "im your wife and you should be able to have what you want". Get yourself a submissive woman.

>Boomers ruined us. And they continue to do so.
Your tears are delicious. So much so that I feel the need for another gas-guzzling ICE SUV

My wife does

>Women never liked anal
Who cares?

Please tell me something a “boomer” has done that has caused such hardship in your life *Don’t regurgitate some media posting please*

I'm not even the user you were talking to and even I can answer that easily.

High interest student loans
Unmitigated immigration
Social security

You're such an entitled generation you don't even know what you're responsible for. Unfortunately boomers are the next largest generation that will control the next culture shift, not the millenials, and they are all hopped up on socialism.

Sorry. I meant zoomers are the next. We are just waiting on boomers to fucking die for now



anyone got any nice anal pics to dump?

The girl I lost my virginity to in high school asked me to fuck her in the asshole on our third time having sex. ASKED ME. I couldn't get it in there though unfortunately. It was too tight and I hadn't figured out about lube yet.

you need lots of lube for anal, otherwise it's not really that nice for either person

I know that now. 16 year old me did not know though. He just tried to jam it in there.

>implying thats not the best part

>But I poop from there!
Not today you don't!

i managed to successfully do that once, it was kinda dry but not too bad, i filled that asshole with my cum a few minutes later, much nicer with lube though

This is my dick in my 18 year old gfs asshole.

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nice, more

I strongly disagree. Had sex with seven women so far and they all liked anal. Most of them blushed so hard when I first told them my wish to eat their asses out. They find it kinky.. and as long as you're a dominant male, they will never have anything against you licking, fucking or sucking their assholes. They want you to use their body they way you want to.

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fat virgin

is that oc?

Ok boomer
Replying to your own post doesn't hide your samefagging as well as you think

Yeah. I Have a fat dick right?

lmao, ive seen that one


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what the fuck is going on with the balls? is that a ruptured vein?

He has a big dick

Whether they like it or not is irrelevant. In fact, it's hotter if they don't like it and cry a little.

It's about 3 in 5 that like it.