Anyone else hate this sack of shit?

Anyone else hate this sack of shit?

I really think he should jump to a lava pit.

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not sure who that is

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He's an awful man.

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Awww are you buttmad because he makes fun of dada?

Nah, I just think he's got a rotten personality and his content is shit.

The girls on trampolines virtue signaler. As long as he spews your brainwashed leftist turds he's a god.

If he made fun of liberals you'd love him. You're not fooling anyone

you are just jealous because you can't grow a cool beard

you watch too much tv

I don't care if which political affiliations he has, I like watching Conan for example and he's got plenty of jokes that make fun of Trump etc. But I do not like personality of Jimmy Kimmel and the way of his comedy, it is like a cold coffee not good.

I liked him in the times of the Man show. Good laughs in that. Since I'm really not a fan but I give him credit. He didn't fade like many do he's still around. Meh, I don't give a fuck about any celebrities unless she is nude.
Nope, true men have moustache.

Eh, agree to disagree. I think he's pretty funny

I ain't clickin that shit, bitch.

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Arrogant liberal scum.Almost as annoyoing as Colbert, almost.

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I just think he's repeating a same formula as many youtubers and his show is not funny because of him, hell anyone could replace him.
No need to, here you go a nice picture.

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>You've stolen my childhood.
BRB taking yacht accross the Atlantic for the 2nd time this year.

This is a pretty fitting video about Kimmel.

Well what you expect from an autistic swede.

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I don't even own a fucking TV.

If most of Sweden is not warm even during summer, how the hell did this liberal conspiracy of global warming affected her childhood at all?? The only thing more retarded than her speech was the liberal audiance clapping in the joy,while at the same time getting insult by a Swedish autistic teen lmao

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This I use to watch the man show as a kid. It was good

You know who's worst than Kimmel? His former Kike girlfriend Sarah Silverman.I think that it was that Kike that corrupted his mind and influenced him to be such a dirtbag.

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This guy is worse

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So you belive kikery is like the dark side or STD? Once you join it, it is hard to get rid of?

>but I'm a whining liberal crybaby in real life
Seriously? Since when is threatening to punch the President on national television being a whiny crybaby?

If he said that about Obama, you'd think he was a hero.
>How can one man be so BASED!?

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Non-functional schizo mind reading.
Take your meds schizo, mind reading isn't real.

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I'd say equally bad.

He did. It was called the man show. Then he sold his soul

Dr In communication(Pro in Brainwash,manipulation and lies) Jordan Peterson, the Quatering(Fathamcloutchaser) And Pewdiepie(obviously gay and brainwashed neonazi by cinamontoast ken) , i hate more than this sleepy boring motherfucker

that picture is fake, dumbass