Baby Yoda memes !!??!!??!!??

Baby Yoda memes !!??!!??!!??

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Yes please

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>the mandalorian is one of the driving forces in stream piracy right now because nobody can endure having 19,000 different streaming monthlies

sup disney

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what the fuck is this shit

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it's literally a Disney+ native advertising post that the mods would ban for if they still cared, sadly, they are only here to fight "trumpers"

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The Mandalorian (spoiled yourself on baby Yoda)

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oh, wait, it's a social media manager, I know how to traumatize it

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just constantly repost this image at native advertisers until they die

vile, vaguely legal porn also helps because it makes it difficult or impossible for them to "show their work", so shit lots of loli and nasty fur shit into these too

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here is an instructional video on how to kill native advert faggots that is actually funny

nobody should be able to make money on the internet posting, ever, for any reason, kill these people, kill their jobs, make their bosses disgusted with what they have to deal with and look at. kill them, kill them, kill them. the mods aren't going to help us.

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your mom is a hoe

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You think the guy who made the vid isn't making any money? You fucking retard it s full of ads

See I’d rather see anime and hentai people executed before people advertising.

>he doesn't use ad-blocker

oh my sweet summer child, oh, my social media manager pretending to be a real person. you don't get to make money from spamming non-advert spaces with your bullshit, you don't get to have the internet as a job. go get a real job before you dad finds out you're a goddamn faggot.

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The level of autism is off the charts on this one.

Delet this shit right now

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bullshit, social media manager who's discovered the shift key to pretend to be another user

I can do that shit too, you moron. The quick brown dog jumped over the lazy fox. Sphinx of black quartz, judge my vow.

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this reminds me of my childhood. my mother would say "why don't you help your father, maybe you'll learn something" and all I did was get tools and I'd always get the job of taking nails out of old boards that were getting replaced

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Holy fuck that image

please kill yourself you facebook memeing faggot

Boo Sjw Disney , Warner Bros foreva!
" But but but but it was suppose to be the end of disney i can not let them get liked i won't allow it not on my watch" -Samefag user. Circa 2019